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Jan 15, 2011

so lately I have been in a clothing rut... I will open my closet and stare at it... 
its not that I don't have clothes... i just have no imagination..... at least not right now. for the past few days everything has been bla, until yesterday. I thought of an idea that would maybe help

Put on a pair of heels!

now this is not a logical or even a smart choice, it had totally snowed the day before and wearing heels in this slippery condition was borderline suicidal! this is how badly I needed a pick-me-up! I wasn't doing anything important... just running errands with my one yr old

it Worked!

walking around in heels made me actually FEEL better... it was magical! my posture was better, my mood lighter, i even had more patience with my little stinker... all because of pretty shoes..                     

cute (and comfy) cheetah print heels? thank you Nordstrom Rack
black jeggings? $8 DEB
boys denim shirt? $4 Savers (thrift)
Slouch Hat ? made by Selina's Fabulous Mother in law
fake pearls? can't remember
skinny belt? $1 D.I. (thrift... J CREW!) 

{selina here, i want to know who the crazy person is who gave away this belt... are they nuts?!}

~Sophie (sis#2)

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  1. you are beautiful soph :) miss you tons!

  2. Love how you tied the belt. Must learn how to do this!

  3. Love it!! Makes me feel better too. I feel like there are two me's - one hang around the house me (which you know well) and a get dressed up and go out me. Lets Play soon.


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