a "roll out of bed" outfit plan

Jan 13, 2011

These are my jammies.
I wore them to the movies.

believe it or not, I PLAN AHEAD to be lazy...
my hubby and i wanted to see a movie New Years Eve, but decided to see a matinee New Years Day because it would be cheaper to see Tron in 3D... it started at 10 am and i wanted to sleep in as much as possible (the kids were at granny's after all) so i got dressed the night before
part of my logic is that i HATE to be cold so why not stay in the clothes you spent the entire night incubating? i know, gross... but i would rather be cute, gross and warm than wake up 15 mins earlier and be freezing in my jeans...

this is 2 minute make up, it goes like this
Shimmery nude eyeshadow. check
concealer. check
mascara. check
bright pink blush. check

blush ALWAYS makes you look awake... even in grainy pics taken by my computer.
OK, OK... this sweater is NOT jammies But its warm comfy and covers my butt (an essential when wearing leggings out of the house)

i remember Skyping my mom when i got these... and to show her just how soft the leather was i rubbed them on my head like i was shining a shoe... my shoes and i have a very strange relationship... or i am just strange

sweater? Macy's
leggings? Target
Legwarmers? My dance stash
Killer boots? TJ Max Jessica Simpson



  1. Those ARE killer boots! TJ Maxx here I come!

  2. Selina you are too stinking cute! LOVED this post and the boots girl are ahmaze!



  3. Those boots ARE killer!!! Totally love 'em. I think it's smart to dress the night before.. I may try that with my work clothes ;)


  4. love your sweater! MWUAH!

  5. i just got some boots from t.j.maxx that i am so in love with. it is THE best place to find awesome shoes in my opinion! (:

  6. LOve your boots! I wish my tj maxx had these types of finds!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  7. I've been wearing my legwarmers peekabooing out of my boots too =) sooo cute, and yes, comfortably warm!

    (I commented through google reader too, but I wasn't sure it could be seen... idk)

  8. Ugh. No fair that you are so cute. Wish I could just "roll out of bed" and look like that. ha.

  9. Cute!! I LOVE the sweater! It looks so incredibly comfy :)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots


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