new cute socks and old cute shoes...

Jan 26, 2011

 this is what i wore to Cora's Pre-School conference...
turns out she is not as "naughty" at school as she is at home...
 these awkward poses are because shoes are very important and i am trying to figure out how i am supposed to get my new cute socks that go with my old cute booties in the picture..

so i became sort of a contortionist for a few minutes,
totally threw out my hip...
all for the love of shoes.

lots of them.

WAIT! not ready yet!

wow. i am a duffus... a major duffus...


 i give up...

i just wanted my stupid cute shoes in the picture...


"GRRRRRR!" Sophie was right, i should stick to the top of the stairs...

oh ya, and Sophie was listening to this whole stupid Duffus-ness go down... and did she help me? nope. apparently feeding and changing her 18 month old is more important than helping her awkward duffus sister take dumb stupid embarrassing pictures of herself...

can you believe her?

thrifted jacket
thrifted jeans
Target tissue tee
F21 socks
Payless booties
necklace made by me

~selina {sis#1}

we are guest posting a super fun Blooming Bib Necklace tutorial over at

check it out!

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  1. hahah. i love these pictures! you're just too cute!

    allister bee blog

  2. OMG!!! how cute are you!! I love the outfit and the goofy photos. that jacket fits very cute..nice and snug. keep it up!! glad to hear your little one is better behaved at is always that way. XO Lisa

  3. You are the cutest!! I can't wait to be a fashionable mom like you!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  4. I have two techniques for getting my shoes in the picture. 1. Turn the camera sideways, much more conducive to portrait-style photos. If you don't have a tripod and can't get your camera to balance on its side, get a little bendable tripod (like the joby gorillapod). Mine was about twenty bucks at Target. 2. Set your camera on the ground and take a detail shot of just the shoes. Cause if they're awesome, they deserve their own picture anyway.


  5. I've given you the stylish blogger award:)

    ur blog is so cool!

  6. hey girls check out my blog for advice on ..... well anything..... Please become a follower and leave comments!!!

  7. Can´t you show us how you did your necklace? I really like it.


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