"Sweetie, what are you doing?"

Jan 27, 2011

Sis #1:"Sweetie... what are you doing?"

Husb #1: "you never put any pictures of me on the blog"

Sis #1: "fine, whatever.."

Husb #1: ...moons me...

 really... he did.

  he got out of the shot just in time...
THIS is what my face looks like when i have just been mooned...

we have been married 10 yrs in june and i am still surprised everytime he does that to me... every freaking time.

awkward and awesome all in one.

~selina {sis#1}


  1. I love that after 20 years of marriage my hubby and I still play around like you guys. It keeps the marriage fresh and fun.

    So funny that he wants to be included. ha

  2. He's on a "mooning" roll right now. First with tricking the girls with the fake one and now this. HA!

  3. hahaha too funny. my husband does silly things like that all the time too, and wonders why i'm not used to it yet. 10 years for you? maybe i never will! :)


  4. ha ha I wish I could say that this hasn't happened to me....but it has. way.too.many.times. He thinks it never gets old.

  5. hahaha i love it! you and sophie were in my dream last night.. i think we all need to be together sometime in real life! :)

  6. hey girls check out my blog yourgirlsworld.blogspot.com for advice on ..... well anything..... Please become a follower and leave comments!!!

  7. LOL he mooned you!? Awesome. That cracked me up.

  8. I(Betsy) am honestly wondering why I've never run across you before! (I've been playing in yor tutorial archives.good stuff!) You seem honestly like a bunch of fun,talented people. Consider me a new follower!

  9. I love that! he has quite the personality!

  10. Heyy! I just saw your comment on my blog (this is such an adorable blog, I'm definitely following now), did you mean Huron as in Huron Valley (milford-ish area) or another Huron that I'm not aware of? I live in Genesee county (almost Oakland county) so I'm assuming probably not too far away from the area you're talking about! I'd love to know more about this place that's hiring every year haha :) xx, brittni

  11. Too funny! My hubby still moons me, too. No matter how old they get, there's still a little bit of boy in there :)

  12. haha! definitely awkward + awesome! fun times!

  13. ha ha love this!! you guys are too cute!


  14. Bah ha! Too funny. =) After ten years of marriage, you've gotta keep it spicy somehow, right?

    By the way, I love the picture where he's ... I'm not sure, karate chopping? And examining his hand at the same time? That one. It's good. You should frame it.

  15. sooo funny. i love how the camera keeps a-clickin' through it all. love it.
    also, selina, i awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog today, but really, it goes to all 4 of you girls. because you're all stylish and awesome and hilarious. and i want to read the 7 things from all of you. :) kay? kay. come on by and bask in your glory!

  16. So hilarious! That's is soooo something my husband would do too :)

    BTW we awarded your blog the stylish blogger award because you ladies are soooo STYLISH!


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