NEW white pencil skirt from an OLD white turtleneck

Jan 24, 2011

 i have this great little  charcoal stretch cotton pencil skirt from Forever21 (where else) its totally fabulous and i am constantly wearing it.. has no zippers or buttons... so i thought, maybe i could make my own little army of stretchy cotton pencil skirts in every color.. i think i NEED  at least the basic colors... so i started with white...

 i found a super ugly white men's turtleneck straight out of the early 90's.... 

 the perfect part is that those old school turtle necks were made with super thick stretch fabric, the kind you can't see through...
 so i cut off the neck from shoulder to shoulder and slipped it on upside down.
then i safety pinned it to fit exactly ( i made mine slightly high waisted so i needed to taper the waist quite a bit)
carefully take it off and stitch up the sides
try it on and make sure its the perfect fit and take it in as needed( i had to do this twice)
do your hem last! (i learned this the hard way!)
Easiest skirt EVER {and possibly the cheapest!}
don't you need an army of these too?


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  1. You looked so cute in it yesterday too! I love those stretchy kind of comfy!

  2. GREAT idea. so clever. and goodwill has 90s turtlenecks aplenty!

  3. awesome. you have truly redeemed the 90s turtleneck.

  4. wow...very clever indeed and a cute skirt. thanks for the tutorial (now i just have to find an old t-shirt :).

    huge favor alert, check out the fan page for Murval Paris for info on the ss '11 handbags and future giveaways :)

    xxxo Marissa

  5. ahh you are genious. I am immediately searching for old man turtle necks now. I'm sure I can find some pretty ridiculous patterns too! Thanks for the idea!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  6. Wow, I would have never thought! What a super easy & great idea!

  7. What a great idea...oh that I could look good in a pencil skirt!

  8. hello. you clever thing you. yes yes YES! i'm in. and...from the 90s? we'll all have quite the colorful stretchy pencil skirt collections... awesome. i'm headed to d.i. ASAP.

  9. what a great project! and i love how tied that belt - looks lovely!!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Now - to find a turtle neck....

  11. Yes, you need an army of these!! I am totally going to make one! What a fabulous idea! :)

    Better Than A Milk Mustache

  12. Utterly great! And I agree, having pencil skirts in every hue is a worthy goal. I've now got dark brown, khaki, white, red, and navy blue - looking to add a pastel purple and olive green when possible.

  13. oh my goodness! how clever!! I need to do that!!

  14. UM. that is utterly amazing. I am running to the thrift store right now!! {ok, not right now b/c it is 10:30pm - but this weekend!}

    meggyd from chasing davies

  15. Definitely awesome, awesome, awesome! You ROCK!
    Kristina J.

  16. Very cute! I may have to try this where to find a turtleneck in Hawaii??? lol


  17. Love it!! Great idea. :)

  18. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? This is genius. I have to HAVE to try this.

  19. Um yes. Yes I do. Seriously? Smartest idea ever. I'm gonna go do it now.

    Popped over from the sew and tell!

  20. Absolute GENIUS! I love thrifty ways to reuse old clothes. Thanks for some great inspiration.

  21. this is ingenius! I love the this was a frumpy old turtleneck and now it's a sweet little pencil skirt. i'm headed to the thrift store to score me some turtlenecks! awesome!


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