thrifted skirt re-fashion and outfit misses that followed

Jan 22, 2011

Thirfted skirt: 3.00


I have been trying really hard to incorporate more color and pattern into my outfits but it is hard to stop myself from gravitating toward the black and grey....
When I re-fashioned this skirt I thought it would be SO easy to create an outfit around it, but it wasn't.
It was hard.
I didn't realize that these items didn't exactly "go" until I had taken a picture and gone "ugggggggggg, that didn't work."
So here are a couple of outfit misses:
It's all too slouchy.. and the oxfords don't look like I pictured....

So maybe if I take off the sweater.... nope....

 Hmmm lets add some stripes and RED shoes..... no no ...... why is working with color so HARD?
 Getting closer.. better colors... just missing something...

That's it.... the BELT!!!

So, the good thing is I found something to wear with my new(old) skirt....the bad thing is the weather won't let me wear it until APRIL!

Dear lovely readers~
Thank you for coming with me on my journey of figuring out my personal style. This blog has given me a great chance to fine tune, crap, re-discover my personal style.  Olivia said I used to wear a shapeless sack and skinny jeans (with love of course).  I still am figuring it all out and I love hearing your comments and knowing you are along for the ride. You guys are the BEST readers/followers!!
Sending out lots of LOVE~


  1. I have to say, you girls are very inventive and creative when recyling clothes. I work in the fashion industry and you girls would do amazing! Not sure what you girls do but keep it up : )
    I'm definitely going to show this site to my girlfriends and co-workers!!

  2. Great trials! I love the final look! And your shoes too!

    Just Better Together

  3. Love that you posted all the rejects. It's nice to be reminded that "effortless chic" is never as effortless as it appears.


  4. i think taking and posting the outtakes is a fabulous idea--it's probably totally helpful to look at as you're getting to the final product. annnnnd...i'm seriously loving your final shoes. totally and absolutely.

  5. What, I totally love some of your "misses"! And great thrifted skirt, so fun!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. You have such a cute little body... you are one hot mama!

  7. I love that skirt! It's adorable! You're so pretty(:

    -aBBi giRL

  8. Great job remaking that skirt and the finished style is perfect!

  9. I love it! and I love that you refashioned the skirt :)

  10. That belt makes the perfect finishing touch. At first I thought it was an elastic waist skirt and I thought, what a great way to disguise that, with a cute little belt! So now I'm going to make me some elastic waist skirts and belt them cuz they take like five seconds to make! Great job.


  11. Below is a link to an Ann Taylor skirt that looks very similar to what you have! I like how you wear yours, but here is another idea!

    Love your blog!

  12. GREAT skirt re-do! It's hard to look past the unflattering cut sometimes to see that a skirt/dress has a fantastic print. And I have to say: I really like all of your supposed outfit misses. The outfit you settled on is definitely favorite, though, particularly with those great shoes.

  13. I love your final shoe choice. What kind are they?

  14. This is a great combo - and what a save with the dress! The leather felt is perfection!


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