the no-sew sweatshirt vest

Jan 6, 2011

 My sisters and i all dance and we love to wear cute dancewear... but its super hard to find and expensive... and i have this theory that we all dance better (or work out harder) when we look and feel kinda cute... do you agree? we came up with this idea to repurpose sweatshirts and tees into dance/workout wear... that you would feel cute enough to rock as an awesome outfit too! 

we are gonna start with a NO-SEW project that takes about 15-20 mins

 grab a smaller sweatshirt from your stash (i thrifted mine) 
 cut off the sleeves
 fold it in half front facing out
 cut only the front straight up the center
 match wrong sides together where you cut and shape your neck hole
 it should look something like this...
 next shape the arm holes... use the piece you cut as a template for the other arm hole
 next match up the front of your "vest' wrong sides together...
 give it a little curve or a big curve if you like from neckline to the bottom front and trim off the bottom of your sweatshirt
 next fold it in half right sides together and slip it over a cutting board (or anything you have)

 i just "eyeballed" it but you could draw your racer back shape first and then cut...
 mine needed a little more shaping in the front along the bottom...

now its your turn! we should be getting emails and links from you guys in the next hour or so... right? (ya know, cause it only takes 15-20 mins and i want to give you all enough time to thrift a sweatshirt)
i had this idea and this sweatshirt for MONTHS before i finally did it... i am a lazy bum.. i couldn't even bring myself to make a 20 min project!
 its a new year and hopefully i will be less lazy...



  1. That turned out so great! i can't wait to make one soon!

  2. so cute! ohh what kind of dance do you guys all do? it must be so fun to all be able to do it together!

    and i will definitely have to try this. so easy!

  3. it looks so good! good job :)

  4. ummmm....hellooooo!!! i love this! you are just too cute!

    allister bee blog

  5. brilliant I tell you brilliant. I totally agree with your theory, I always work out better when I don't look like a complete and total bum.

  6. Ooh Selina. This looks really cool! I love no sew!

  7. I love your Hat! I wanna rip it right off your head I love it so much!

  8. Love the no sewing! ha
    OH and I totally thought you were Soph before the end of the post. It kills me how much you two look alike!

  9. billiant! This doesn't even have to be work out wear.

    Just Better Together

  10. Cute, warm, and functional! LUV it belted!

  11. Aweseome vest!!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip sewing:



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