these shoes are really important

Jan 5, 2011

Okay they maybe aren't THAT important. 
You know those magical times when you find the thing you where looking for, for a price that you weren't expecting?
I found these Nine West shoes for 12.99 at ROSS. 
Yay for deals!

Jeans: F21 9.50 (the ones i wear aaaallllllllll the time)
Grey T: american eagle 3.00 (i altered it)
Floral Cardi: Katherine's closet
Wooden leaf necklace: gift
Socks: F21 2.80

Selina just let me know she is jealous (you know we are on the phone this very second)... "Like, actually really jealous. Like, I'm turning green."
ha ha. love you sis!



  1. Those shoes ARE important! They are super fab! Nice find :D

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  2. love your new pictures! so cute! and I love that beaded necklace! adorable!

  3. Ross is THE BEST for shoe deals. And it's super fun looking at the shoe section because there's always something so crazy and weird I have to try it on and run around trying to find the person I came with so we can laugh at then.

  4. Love the pics. And your blog is amazing!!

  5. i wear my f21 jeans all the time too! I have no shame - hahaha!
    great find on the shoes! i can almost never fid cute shoes in size 7 at ross. i secretl think the employees buy it all for themselves

    Just Better Together


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