Target tights... my new obsession

Jan 11, 2011

so, I'm gonna gripe for just a second... 
have the tights always been there? maybe i don't go looking in the socks and undies section enough... or ever... time to change that
MY New Years Resolution:
I solemnly swear to buy a new pair of Target tights every time i go, until i have collected every pair...

wow i really do have problems.

i paired my fabulous tights with 2 $1 skirts (the top one i pinned to sit right on my waist)
my belt was also $1, so was the Tee... hmmm... i think i am a total cheapskate! my shoes are BCBG but they were only $20 (i told you guys i have a shoe girl at Macy's who knows my size and my style, i am so blessed{she also knows that i am CHEAP})
i love my self a tassel... these beauties were from a little Etsy Shop called
the jewelry is charming and priced just right... these lovlies were only $5 and they are super nice... kind of heavy... not too heavy, just enough.

well, gotta go... off to Target. i think we might need some more cereal or bread or pretty colorful tights... you know essentials



  1. I think I may have subconsciously made this pact X2 with myself about 4 months ago - I'm up to 6 now. Seriously, what's $10 bucks?

  2. I love those tights. I was unaware that Target even carried tights. So going this weekend...

  3. I just looked at some of your tutorials. Can I just say this may be my most favorite blog ever!!!
    Can't wait to try out some of the things I learned today :)

  4. I've got that same pair! Yes, LOVE the tights section. At their end-of-winter sale last year, I bought a blue pair for .97 cents!

  5. SMitten with them. Target always surprises me.

  6. oh man, i'm gonna have to go to target soon. i think i knew about them in the back of my head, but the frugal/rational part of me blocked it out.

    last year, i got yellowish/gold tights on clearance at gap. i was ecstatic!

    and i own a few pairs print with paisley swirls, one with scenes of dogs (haha yeah, they're awesome), one with different colored squares on them AND a pair that i tie dyed blue! yes, i have tie dyed tights!

    and, of course, i have bright solid colors as well. and black spider-web-looking netting tights that i like to wear over solid brights.

    ok...maybe i have a problem. haha!

  7. target tights are the best! love those ones girl. might have to go get them ;)

  8. Thanks for letting me know. The selection at Walmart is very limited but I have never looked at Target.

  9. Ummm why don't I know about this. all the sudden I feel this urge to put on every pair of tights I own and go tights shopping....I don't know why all my tights need to be there for the occasion but it'd be best if they could meet their new friends and give them a good welcome to the family.

  10. LOVE the Target tights!! You look amazing!

  11. Girl I totally have those and they are ahmaze!! LOVE the outfit so so cute!



  12. This site is so darling! I've been visiting all your past posts and you ladies are all so creative! Love it. Thanks for the blog visit & for the side bar add. We'll definitely have to add your site to our inspiration tab :)

  13. I am obsessed with Target tights as well... I think I have accumulated about 20 piars in the past few years... and they keep coming out with more!

  14. Love those tights! If I went to Target more, I think I'd have a serious tights addiction myself...

  15. LOVE!!!! I try to buy at least a pair of socks, knee socks, or tights every time i go to target! It has increased my leg-decorations collection immensely! and i especially love the ones you're wearing!


  16. I didn't know they had tights for $5! Those tights rock. As if I don't spend enough at Target, I think I'm gonna have to pick up your New Year's Res.

  17. Those tights are soooo amazing!! Love them!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  18. Those tights are amazing! Somehow, my Target is always out of cute ones, but I may just need to stop by for these. Unbelievable for just $5.
    alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Omg I love these tights - I just bought the grey leopard ones from target last night!


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