Never enough ACCESSORIES

Jan 12, 2011

Accessories are SO important... i feel sort of naked without them...

 i need to find a blast from the past pic of Elise's crazy style just a few years back... she wore it all, every necklace, every bracelet, every color of the rainbow... (piling it on is SOOOO fun), her style has evolved since then but i love that she has always been a bit fearless and through being fearless she has found her personal style...


so,  another resolution
i solemnly swear to let Eva and Cora pick out their own outfits no matter how nuts they look....
{Half the time}

the theory is that they will figure out their own personal style at a much younger age and not be like me in the 4th grade matching from head to toe OBSESSIVLEY...

to personal style!



  1. Couldnt agree more... the more accessories the better! I totally feel like my outfit isnt complete without some sort of accessory!

    Love the chunky ring!

  2. I LOVE that you're going to let your girls wear what they like... I absolutely love seeing little girls with their own sense of style. They are way too much fun! Moms can dress their daughters cute, but it's so fun when they figure out - and care about - their own style.

    Also, since you 4 ladies are in my top seven blogs to read every day and I think you're totally stylish, I gave you an award! See here....

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  3. Love that clutch...Accessories rock my socks! I need to accessorize!!!

  4. i love this. good for you! i'm actually finding myself going in the opposite direction with accessories... i love them so, but sometimes i feel like, "seriously, is this overkill?" i dunno. still on my yellow-brick-roaded journey of figuring it (i.e. my own style) all out. but it's a sweet ride!
    i love this outfit on you. the ring takes the cake.

  5. Just found you through craft gossip. I myself have to bite my tongue to let one of my daughters find her own style. I swear she'll wear boots with absolutely anything!! (She's had them on with her pajamas, even!) Anyway, maybe that's what they mean by tough love? LOL

  6. Good idea! That way they'll also become more conscious of what it is they are actually wearing :) xx


    The Creative Muslimah


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