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Feb 6, 2011

Husband #2 and I went on a date with our good friends. We had yummy Thai food for dinner...IMAG0033.jpg
Brent ordered Green Curry (I know it looks weird) I asked what it tasted like and he said it was delicious and tasted"green".  I don't know how something could taste "green" but it did and it was awesome.
After dinner we saw TRON in 3D...loved it. I totally want that soundtrack and to try cool smokey makeup and to ride a motorcycle.

Outfit details: Floral dress~Thrifted 5.00, Shoes~Target 6.00, Leggings~Old Navy .97, Belt~Thrifted 1.50, Orange Ring~ Forever 21 3.00 Bracelet (Necklace)~ Gifted from F21 (total outfit cost 16.47...sweeeeeeeet)

This date night actually happened last week but I hadn't been able to post it until now. Right now I am in MICHIGAN with sister #1. YAY. We already have a few stories for you guys... can't wait to share more.


  1. I love the outfit, super cute and the dress for $5.00 if only I could be so good at finding things.

    PS I hope you had a chance to enter my giveaway of Puerto Rico prints.

  2. Michigan is the best!! Especially with the freak snowstorm yesterday!

  3. you have the cutest floral prints!

    Just Better Together
    come check out my new giveaway

  4. Michigan!! Have fun! And I love your shoes, and that floral top... so much.

  5. True story: I love this outfit.
    The end.


  6. FYI: the tights you *love* are on sale at target for $3.50!

  7. I LOVE THIS!!! seriously, everything about it. the leggings with the booties, the flow & print of the floral top, it's awesome. you look fabulous.


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