Feb 8, 2011

Some say "2 heads are better than one" in our case "three heads aren't better than half a head"

Friday included an eventful trip to Target{where else} with Mom, Sister #1, Sister #2 and a two of the Mini's.
Event #1:
Baby Eden {16 mos} was getting grouchy so we let her out of the cart for .5 secs and she took off... we thought we were all good cause Cora {4 3/4 yrs old} took off after her.. they were headed toward the juniors section with Sophie following close behind. Cora suddenly stopped in her tracks and turns to aunt Sophie and says "i think i lost her.." Sophie calls out to Mom and i "help. HELP!" we all split up quickly sweeping the area...

Don't worry, Eden made friends with two lovely strangers who kindly brought her back to us from the opposite side of the store! keep in mind this all happened in less than 60 seconds! we still have no idea how Eden managed to learn how to Teleport herself from the juniors Section to the shoes in such a short amount of time!

Event #2:
Cora  and Eden were in the back of the cart as we were shopping in the baby section... Eden insisted on standing and Cora was not gonna have any of that so Cora said 
"Eden! sit, sit, SIT!" (over and over)
the other Moms, who were also hitting the clearance rack, were APPALLED... {you see Cora has a tiny lisp, so the word "sit" sounds a whole lot like a very bad word that also begins with "s"} and all they knew was, that child's mother is just letting her get away with that horrible language! what is her problem! Sophie noticed and said "she's not saying what you think she is saying her mother would never let her say that!"

Event #3:
We have been at the store for about 40 minutes when we notice a bright colorful sticker on Mom's hip very near her derriere.  The sticker reads "Two Pack", that's right TWO PACK.  Eden had opened a two pack of baby bowls earlier that morning...and the sticker had most certainly been stuck to her for that long.
We are suddenly crippled by laughter... you know the kind where you can't breathe and your face is frozen in the a wide grin, you can hardly see out of your squinted eyes because your cheeks are in the way and the impending tears are blurring your vision.

Event #4:
Selina is calmly walking through the store with cell phone in hand and we realize one of our carts is missing...She joins in the conversation with "where is it? who had it last?" before having an Ah Ha moment.  Then Selina says she had it just before she got on the phone for 10 minutes, did a thorough examination of jewelry, and of handbags and  tights.  After retracing her steps we found it just where she left it... around the corner 2 departments over.

The trip also included Selina loosing the car keys and Mom making hard turns with the cart to create a "tooting" sound and make Cora laugh...
Last but not least, Cora was riding on the back of the cart and got her dress caught in the wheels. We tried to back up but her skirt got caught even more. After a rip and a giggle Cora was standing there in the isle in just her tights with her skirt around her ankles.


  1. You two are crack up's! Remember when we lost Maddy and had to tell store security?? Glad you are having fun. Jealous!! Love the Two Pack!!

  2. You guys are so cute and funny!!!

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  4. oh this is hilarious. you guys are so funny. kids sure can make shopping (or anything) and adventure!

  5. Oh my gosh!! hahahaa. what a day!

  6. Oh my gosh, randomly found your blog, and LOVE IT! Because A) I am mormon too B) There are four girls in our family too! People refer to us as the blonde kardashians(love the compliment, but I wish!). I was reading through your tutorials, and can't wait for more!


  7. Oh my goodness, you ladies are so funny!

  8. You guys are like, the best looking sisters ever. I'm serious.

  9. I'm the biggest airhead, so this post makes me OK with it! haha! You guys are the funniest, I love checking your blogs because I get to laugh. Have fun with sister time!

  10. Sisters are the best. Target isn't bad, either.

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