people should know about this genius!

Feb 2, 2011

lets talk about Lizzy B. from Cotton and Curls for a sec...

i stumbled across this beauty while google image searching for a picture of a Cynthia Rowley Pattern that i just finished {i will show you all tomorrow} Lizzy made the same dress with similar alterations so her image popped right up and now i have a new blog to stalk! Yipee!
okay people, try not to drool...

ya, i know... that's what i said..

 and she's adorable...
 just look at the MAGIC she makes! 
 go on over there already and get lost in her magical blog  she will even teach you how to "skinny" your jeans, make a circle scarf and just about everything in between...

{did you notice she totally out-did my pencil skirt... blew it out of the water really... now i need a striped one darn it.}

she's my new blogger  BFF... we emailed, its official.
{she's probably like dude, sister #1 is a weirdo, what happened to Sister #2, i could handle her squirrely Sponge Bob laugh over this strange stalker sister}

~Selina {Sister #1}

PS My best friend Syd has been featured on she is sharing her story of how she became a mother through adoption... totally inspirational... LOVE YOU GIRL!


  1. Yay! Liz is totally my sister-in-law! She's amazing right?

  2. Oh my awesomeness!! I am super jelly she is your bbff!! LOVE IT!



  3. I am totally impressed by anyone who can sew... and then people who can make masterpieces out of anything-- so jealous!

  4. Wow! Yah...this girl rocks. Thanks for linking us to her.

  5. i love that striped skirt...adorable!! XO Lisa

  6. Amazing! That's some super talent!

  7. Absolutely amazing! good job : )

  8. So awesome!! I'm now following her..


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