brother #3...

Mar 17, 2011

doesn't he kind of look like a Jonas Brother? not a specific one, just like he could be one of the Joe Bros and people would totally believe it...

you should have seen his huge curly afro {not kidding.}
this boy has major curls and when it was long it was kind of incredible...  
do you think its fair that boys get great hair and long lashes? they could care less about that crap... 

{i don't have his outfit details but i will find out and update for ya...}



  1. OH man, I can't believe how old he is now... what a handsome and stylish boy wait, I mean man! :)

  2. Justine @ Just better TogetherMarch 17, 2011

    Yes, he DOES look like a Joans!

    Just Better Together

  3. awww!! He kind of does!! So cute though!

  4. Maria-IsabelMarch 17, 2011

    I was totally just gonna say that.. bout the Jonas Brothers thing.. haha
    And totally NO fair bout the great hair and lashes thing. My brother in law has the best, most gorgeous (creepy right..) eyelashes! Im like no freakin fair!! haha
    He is just like.. yeah I know. psh...

  5. SO much cuter than the jonas brothers, what a doll! please tell him to grow his curls out! curls with that face = to die for!!


  6. p.s. we're finally officially following for realz! you little beauties!

  7. What a good looking fella! Well one noticeable detail is that his belt is recycled shoelace! Way to reuse! hahaha

  8. lol! yes I'm always telling my husband I'm gonna steal his lashes since he doesn't even appreciate them!

  9. my lady parts just exploded.

  10. Um wow, I was actually thinking that before I finished reading the post. That's adorable hahaha.

    and by the way, your brother is super-cute. How old is he exactly?? ;)


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