a few of my favorite accessories...

Mar 16, 2011

this is my dirty hair hat...
{don't pretend like you don't have one too}
 and the best scarf ever... it goes with nothing so by default it goes with everything

i wear these two items really, embarrassingly often... but hey, remixing is all the rage right?
{i'm not sure accessories count anyway, do they?}

Sophie told me that i need to officially quit using my computer as my camera... i promised i would TRY to use my self-timer and stupid dollar store tripod {that tips over} i basically have learned that i am even more awkward in photos than i ever could have imagined! {the awkward shots from this little shoot were just too stupid to share, not funny stupid... just stupid stupid.}
alright style bloggers... any tips for me? my pictures are doofus what should i do {besides crop my head out, i know that trick} 
remember Sophie took these pics and that is the only reason that they are kind of cool and by "kind-of" i mean as long as you dont look too closely at the strange faces i'm making...

get ready for shoe week! 
we haven't picked a date just yet but start taking pictures of your shoes now so you can be ready to show them off... i am SO excited about this you have no idea!



  1. Love the outfit, and love the pics taken on the stairs :)

  2. LOVE the dirty hair hat! SO cute!!!

  3. Seriously, Disqus is special needs.

    Anyway, my secret to having good self pictures? You don't need a tripod. Just a place with good light and a steady surface to put the camera on. Always take portrait unless you're taking photos of close ups. Put it on 10 second timer, and shoot from an area at about midway between the hip and the breastesses. Maybe like, bottom of rib cage, rib cage-y area? Should be right about where a high waist belt would hit, or right around there. Use a wall as your background, preferably with something hanging on it where your head would be, or some object there for your camera to focus on so you don't get blurry photos. Then just use like 3-4 normal "go-to" poses, so you're not left wondering how to pose, and you're set.

    My go to blogger pose? Cocked waist, 1 foot forward, body slightly angled so not directly at the camera (widest perspective, very unflattering), hand on hip, and most diva face I can manage. Either that or look at my shoes. Looks like you did the Mae Pose up there, just from an upward angle.

    I think you got it. You just need to master the self-photo thing without using Photobooth. I agree with Sophie.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  4. Gorgeous! I love THIS outfit! Where on Earth did you find those shoes?

  5. Sarah@BraidsandBrownBootsMarch 16, 2011

    Sister #1...I've bought shoes to share for shoe week. Like 4 pair in a month. Don't worry...none were expensive. My husband would kill me...

  6. Your pictures are definitely better than you think.

  7. Ana from Sweet SerendipityMarch 16, 2011

    Love your layering skills and love the hat. I need to take mine out, it's still tucked again with all my summer stuff. It feels like it's never going to come out because of this crummy utah weather!!

  8. oooh goodie! i can't wait to see! hey would you mind leaving a link to your blog... wait, do you have a blog? everytime you comment i look for it and i can never find it!


  9. Target! i think they were 12 bucks! oops! i totally forgot to list what i was wearing! i will add that now!

  10. Chloe_rushworthMarch 16, 2011

    I am so getting involved in shoe week :) Erm please share where you got that jumper?

    C x


  11. the texture in that cardigan is so great!

  12. ColkatfashionMarch 16, 2011

    I think all your pics usually look pretty good. I do thi nk natural light helps a lot...also, if my pics don't come out well, I just use the " blame the photographer" method. :) I blame him ( my husband) if, say, I look a little chunky in my pics....it has nothing to do with the 6 lbs I put on over winter! Haha! I also have a scarf that goes with nothing, so by default goes with everything....

  13. Liesel MoultrieMarch 16, 2011

    I do have a dirty hair hat and I even wore it today! I thought it was funny you showed yours today too so I mentioned it on my blog.


  14. I love your sweater and your jeans!

    Born To Be Styled

  15. Yes, I have a pageboy hat that I wear whenever I don't have time to wash my hair. And without fail it brings compliments! Love the hat and scarf combo. 

    Cable Car Couture


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