Bummin It

Mar 1, 2011

This is my first post ever!!! Aside from what my sisters have blogged about me :) I love get'n all put together but I tend to look like a BUM more often than not. Truth. So I decided to post my fav roll outta bed and go looks. I dont know bout you but when I TRY to look cute, it all goes wrong. So this is me not trying ... well maybe just a lil :)  

I call this my "Trash Bag Jacket" - 12$ at Ross

 Im boot obssessed! - Timberland Boots

 Believe it or not I walked out of the house look'n like This.

 This beanie is my one and only beanie And Im tak'n it to my grave!

How do you bum it?

Heart Liv
Sis # 3

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