Flamingo leg...

Mar 2, 2011

 i call this the flamingo... 
its pretty much the only freaking way i can get my stupid cute shoes in the shot...

 i have a couple of new obsessions... silky thrifted blouses, target tights {not new but going strong}
and this amazing Foil FX nail polish from Orly in Luxe {the gold one}...


i was so excited about it i sent Livy a text at 1am to tell her how badly she needed it and she should go get some right now... i am the bossy older sis you know.

 Thrifted blouse, F21 skirt, Target tights, Chinese Laundry Shoes, earrings from Meg

 Thanks Meg for my pretty earrings! Mwah!

 in our house we do a birthday month for the girls... its just worked out that way because their B-days are 3 weeks apart, so we do their own day then the friend party and then the family get together... this year the family get together was just granny and papa because i didn't want to contaminate the cousins with my kids germs... Eva's entire school is sick with either the flu, strep, scarlet fever or pink eye... {the other day 90 kids were absent!} it seems like once a kid gets over one thing they catch the next, and thats how its been over here for the last 3 weeks! 

the brownie mixing bowl is now officially the "Barf bucket"
{yes you heard me right, it is now, it used to be for both}

 so after church we had granny and papa over for birthday meatloaf and potatoes so i changed into jeans and a sweater so i could get serious about burning some food in my kitchen

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Macys Zco. jeans, Wet Seal sweater

Flamingo leg...


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