Mar 7, 2011

Hip Hop: Nike Boots~Mervyns/Gift, Jeggings~DEB/8.00, Striped Tee~Walmart/4.00, Scarf~H&M/6.50, Moto Jacket~Walmart/11.00, Glasses~F21/1.50

Jazz Class: Yellow Cardi~Plato's Closet/8.00, Blue Dress~0.97/Old Navy, Grey Socks~Walmart/2.00, Boots~ Nordstrom/ sports bra/tights/and stretchy shorts~don't remember.

 Today I teach my Hip Hop teens, YEAH!  We finished their competition routine and I can't wait for them to perform!  They are competing this month and I am SOOOO excited for them!

I teach a few days a week and always end up being in my dance clothes for at least half the day so I love to make dance outfits that can cross over to regular outfits in case I need to run into the grocery store afterwards...(and don't want to be wearing hot shorts and a T-shirt.)


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