give that pencil skirt a high waist

Mar 4, 2011

so i love this Old Navy skirt that i got for $4 years ago... it has the cutest cumber bun waist but it sits in the wrong place, across my hips where it doesn't belong..

it has a side zip so i fixed it from the center back seam

first try it on inside out
pull it up on your waist where you want it and then grab the extra fabric
mark it with pins {CAREFULLY!}

i was having trouble getting  the fabric to lay flat so i ripped out the tags...
and snipped open the inside so i could line it up really well..
smooth it out and re-pin if necessary 

stitch. blending from the original seam following the pins 
snip off the excess..

i needed to pick out my zipper just a tad, there was about another inch of zipper hidden under the seam

all done!

now tuck in to your hearts content!
Walmart denim button down, thrifted necklaces, Old Navy Skirt, Target lacey tights, Ross Shoes

some duffus bloopers for ya, what the heck

mmm... shoes.


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