dear H&M,

Mar 31, 2011

Shoes~ Target 7.00, Top~Olivia's Closet, Tights~Target 5.00, Skirt~Thrifted 4.00

Dear H&M,
Move to Utah please.

So when I was in California I had to hit up one of my favorite stores of all time...
I found this lovely red lace cropped jacket on clearance for 15.00.
It is yummy and I love wearing it.
love it.

Hubby found some of the greatest finds EVER there! Boy clothes always seem more expensive to me so when we find cheap/cute guy stuff we get so excited.  Who's with me? I mean ROSS and TJ Maxx are both kinda hit or miss for guy stuff, right?

He found the best jeans at H&M, 2 for 30 dollars... (I'm now day dreaming about his super nice tooshy)
okay, okay I'll post his outfit!!

He is a T-shirt and jeans guy and it just so happens that combo is my all time favorite outfit:)

Pics to come!
Lace | Everybody, Everywear
~Sophie (Sister #2)


  1. I agree H&M has got to stop being so selfish:) I love that store but I've only been there twice because I have to be in California to shop there! Every time I go thought they have awesome stuff!

  2. red and purple is always rather a bold choice. looks cute on you:)

  3. I've never been to h&m but I always wanted to go. I think I'll check it out when I go to Vegas in May since there is a h&m there now.

  4. Andrea LapeyrouseMarch 31, 2011

    I LOVE the touch of red contrasting on the stripes! REALLY cute

  5. PrettylifeanonymousMarch 31, 2011

    Girl I totally feel you! Maybe going without an H&M in Utah makes us appreciate it more or something. At least it is going to start selling online. Let the countdown begin...

  6. I completely agree. Don't think I've ever even been to one, but everything I see from there is so adorable. They need to come to UT.

    amy day to day

  7. i just went there today and found cardigans (floral be jealous) for $10. i picked up two. i may be sharing one with my own sister. and i found a cute summer scarf for $3.95. i'd be so willing to pick you something up if you wanted.

  8. Justine @ Just Better TogetherMarch 31, 2011

    Totally agreed! Ross and TjMaxx doesn't have the greatest stuff. And majority of the clearance section I see for men, it's a huge MISS. But YAY for H&M! IT's the greatest. Too bad they don't have an online store.

    Just Better Together

  9. VikkibabbeyApril 01, 2011

    cute outfit(= i live in Californa and i have never been to a H&M store can you believe that? haha

  10. Karli RobisonApril 01, 2011

    I also have a LOVE affair with H & M...and have been wishing that it would come to Utah, and rumor has it that IT IS COMING NEXT YEAR (in the beginning of it) to Fashion Place let's all cross our fingers that it is!! Love your blog by the way!

  11. love H&M! Just found out that we are getting one in Denver! So maybe Utah is next.

  12. I have those shoes! Haha so that's really exciting to me that you're wearing them :) I definitely thrifted mine though lol

  13. Fun.  I haven't seen a lace jacket yet today. What a fun way to use lace!
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  14. My closest H&M is 8hrs away, it makes me so sad!
    I love the black and white with the colour blocking in this outfit, it looks great together!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  15. i saw a white one of those blazers at h&m today and i contemplated buying it.
    maybe i should've.

    you totally rocked this blazer - love it with the stripes and the purple tights!!

    caroline - pictures & words


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