mens t-shirt transformation...3.. or 25 or whatever...

Apr 1, 2011

lets be honest, i lost track of how many mens tee's I've ripped up and put back together... its one of my favorite projects to do cause most of the time it only takes a minute and jersey is SO magical... 
{no fraying= no hemming!}

i basically just skinnied up the sleeves and curved it in at the chest letting it flare at the bottom
 pretty simple..
if you want an awesome tutorial go HERE 

super-long-skinny-armed-drapey-top... in under 10 mins!

top made be me, necklaces made by me and i can't remember, Urban Behavior houndstooth pants, BCBG shoes

i just hit up the Simplicity pattern sale yesterday... 99 cents at Joanns right now {only today and tomorrow!!!} i NEVER buy patterns unless its a sale like this and then i become a pattern hoarder... its to the point now where i am searching for the few patterns that i don't already own... its not like i make all my clothes from scratch and i need all these freaking patterns... i just see pretty patterns at  ridiculous prices and i go weak and i simply have to have them all... not to mention all the thrifted vintage patterns that i hoard... {how can you pass up 50 cent patterns!}

 i am a JUNKIE. 

please tell me i am not alone in my obsessive behavior... do you hoard when the price is right?



  1. VikkibabbeyApril 01, 2011

    your pants are really cute! i love when things are on sale for really cheap(=

  2. Hugs & Loves, ArielApril 01, 2011

    absolutely hoard when the price is right!!! ;)

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  3. Chloe_rushworthApril 01, 2011

    Those shoes are immenseeeee!

    C x

  4. I go a little bit insane in sales and pick up so much unnecessary stuff, then just as I'm about to go to the cash desk my brain tells me I've gone mental and I end up dumping it all and running!

  5. first of all, this outfit is so fantastic i could die, love every single part of it.
    second of all, i absolutely hoard when the price is right. have you been to the dollar section at target? horrible and amazing. i can't leave there with out spending 20 bucks in that section alone, which usually means i end up with 20 things i don't need. one time they had yoga blocks, not kidding- i literally bought 20 of them. why would anyone ever need 20 yoga blocks?? i wish i could answer that for you. but i can't.

  6. 20 yoga blocks!!!! hilarious! you just made my day! the dollar spot is evil and magical all in one... so true... can't just pass it up, you never know what kind of treasures you will find... now i want to go to target... don't you think they should be open 24hrs?

  7. running is something i haven't tried yet, i fear i don't have that much self control... :)

  8. Justine @ Just Better TogetherApril 01, 2011

    you're NOT alone. I buy things all the time that i do not need
    great way of saving a shirt :)

    Just Better Together
    come check out the XL Pet Pillow giveaway!

  9. Yes, sometimes I have to keep myself from going shopping at all, because I just can't allow myself to look at the sales. ESPECIALLY if I have a store credit card. (OldNavy, I hide my face!)

  10. Love it! Looks super comfy!

  11. november greyApril 04, 2011

    This. Is. AWE-SOME. Well done. Gonna try it!!!


    November Grey
    Secondhand Star

  12. Great redo, I love shirts like this, they're so comfy and fun to work into outfits.

  13. I'm absolutely loving the blue shoes ( are they suede?????) I have a blogging etiquette question. I have a ladies group that gets together once a month to learn needle arts and crafts. Tonight I taught them the cute ruffled flowers that you showed on your blog a while ago. I would like to put a link to your tutorial on our blog and I guess I'm asking for permission to do that. You can go to the blog and check it out to see if you will allow that. It's I LOVE your blog and all the fun stuff you show us.

  14. totally some kind of suede... i ogled them for at least a month solid! and yes of course!!! any time you want to share our stuff you are more than welcome! just drop a link and of course let us know so we can come check out you cute blog! love the idea of doing projects with your friends, some of my friends from church and i got together to sew the other night and it was so much fun, we want to make it a regular thing!


  15. teapotoperaApril 27, 2011

    oh my, that pattern hoarding describes my whole family (the female line at least). At one point my mom had every pattern she had ever made, plus all the one's I had bought for hoarding :D

  16. Hmmm. This is pretty much the most perfect outfit ever, me thinks. I'm totally copying this!! TOTALLY. Love it. You are gorgeous too btw! Thanks for linking it up! Annnnnnd for all of the link love with those shoes of mine! You guys rock!! I just totally love/stalk your blog. Just so ya know. :) xoxo

  17. oh, we stalk you back lovey! so excited to find your blog... you have rockin style and pretty pictures!



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