"i will never say never.."

Mar 28, 2011

 you know you are singing along to the "Biebs" with me right now, don't lie!

i didn't actually say outloud that i would never fall into the flannel trend... but in my head i was like dude, i did the oversized flannel with the ripped baggy jeans and Timberland knock offs in 6th freaking grade! 

and people should know that i HATE eating my words so i don't ever say out loud what i refuse to do, just in my head... to myself.
still ate those internal words though, totally rocking the stupid flannel and loving it.
darn it.
Target flannel, Walmart tee, Target jeans, Payless booties, David Yurman cord bracelet {gift from comp i worked for}

 stupid doofus flash.

 is there a trend you SWORE you would never do only to cave later?
misery {k not really i feel kinda cute} loves company!



  1. 1 Funky WomanMarch 28, 2011

    I think you could pretty much wear anything with how gorgeous you are! I'd say you are rockin that flannel. Fabulous!


  2. Elecia DeanMarch 28, 2011

    I used to say I would never wear "ankle biter" jeans again after 5th grade.Then they came out as skinny jeans, and I was determined to avoid it like the plague (Typed while wearing my fave jeans- my skinnies, while looking at a closet full of jeggings and skinnies-ha!)

  3. So, it's not a fashion trend, but I swore I would never get on Twitter. I signed up Saturday. Open mouth, insert foot.

    North Meets South

  4. looks adorable,. I wear flannel like this too! it's so different from the early 90's though, flannel now is cute and fitted and the rolled cuffs are awesome.

  5. I love this outfit on you, and the shoes are perfect to keep the outfit out of the "90's grunge" era :)


  6. Chloe_rushworthMarch 28, 2011

    I swore I would never wear a maxi dress or clogs, that soon changed. Fab boots.

    C x

  7. hahaha. I know...I think I've had a bunch of those moments...I hate it when I'm outed out! But I'm glad you gave in cus I think it looks great! For personally, I love flannels (I love the idea of taking guy clothes and wearing it and making it girly..it's kind of like a.."Hah! Boy, I bet you couldn't do that!) =)

    -Erin (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  8. i'm glad you gave in to the flannel thing. flannel isn't really a fad, it's just being worn by people who aren't lumberjacks as of late, haha. i love flannel! i just wore plaid flannel with leather. woo!

  9. VikkibabbeyMarch 28, 2011

    those shoes are super cute! but i think i'm going to try to stop buying shoes for a while)=


  10. I swore I'd never wear skinny jeans! But now I do. And my husband thinks it's hilarious. :-)

    I totally adore that outfit on you -- the contrast of casual flannel with the hot little booties. Super cute!

  11. graciouslyathomeMarch 29, 2011

    I have that tshirt and love it!

    And yes, I swore I would never wear my boots on top of skinny jeans and now I can't do anything else!

  12. I used to say I wouldn't wear skinny jeans and now... I love the flannel trend so comfy!

  13. I like the flannel on you, and I don't any. It feels like everyone is wearing cute flannels lately.
    My Heart Blogged

  14. I have that shirt too! One of the trends I thought I would never follow is high waisted stuff. I always linked it up in my mind with "mom" jeans. Darn it, they had to make that high waisted trend cute! Although I love my high waisted striped pants.

    xoxo Callie


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