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Mar 29, 2011

We are guest posting today at SYLED BY 3!!
They are 3 lovely ladies that just so happen to be sisters too!
Needless to say we love them.... so much!

Check out our guest post HERE (it's all about thrifting, yay).



  1. I am a new reader and was curious if you have done or might be interested in doing a post for the newbie's in fashion. Perhaps a beginners guide to the basics? Loving it here by the way, so inspiring!

  2. Oh I like Heather's request....
    As a young mom I am struggling with expressing who I am style-wise. I tire (and my sweet husband too) of my t-shirts and jeans look. I'm trying to branch out but could really use a back to basics lesson. Love your posts girls- Keep it up!

  3. Ana from Sweet SerendipityMarch 29, 2011

    Loved reading it!! You girls are too cute. I love that mustardy blazer... gorgeous!!!

  4. You guys are so amazing! Great job!

  5. VikkibabbeyMarch 29, 2011

    cute jacket. im going to check them out

  6. The guest post is FAAAAAB!!! Love you guys.


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