striped tee necklace...

Mar 9, 2011

this necklace makes me sad and happy all at the same time... sad because it USED to be my favorite shirt {got some crazy hole right at my belly button of all places!} and now its my go-to necklace... stripes go with everything right!

lets get started...
 you only need about half a shirt {i kept the top half and layer it over long tanks when i teach dance}
and scissors...
thats it!

cut strips in your shirt seam to seam to create big loops...
stretch them out just a pinch...

save the hem and one extra loop for later...

stack up your loops and line up the side seams so you can cover them up...

cut your "hem" into a strip and tie one end around the seams, same thing to the other side

pick up your necklace by the "hem " 
almost done!

use your extra strip.. {cut off the side seams to make 2} wrap around the knot and seams to give it a more polished look 
{as polished as a jersey necklace an be!}

this necklace takes all of 20 whole minutes to make... and goes with everything! still i feel one in every color couldn't hurt.. ;)

try one and tell us about it! we love to see your creations!
happy snipping!



  1. Liesel MoultrieMarch 11, 2011

    very cute. You guys make everything look so easy to do!

  2. I finally did it!! I love your blog and all your creative ideas!

  3. I love this tutorial!  Thanks for posting it!  I made one and I added a flower!

  4. I love love love this!!!!  This is a perfect way to recycle those cute tshirts that you out grow or as you said create a hole.  I will have one of every color by the end of the weekend.  :)

  5.  Angela!  That is great.  I love that too.  Is the flower hard?

  6. Eny412000May 02, 2012

    pretty cool....great and easy idea!!!

  7. Hi, thank you for sharing. Such a great tutorial! I posted your tutorial on my blog with a link back to your blog, hope it’s ok
     Please write me if there is a problem

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