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Mar 25, 2011

Sister #3 work outfit:
Shirt~Target, Pants~Express, Purse~Ross

Nine West pumps~ ROSS (Delicious huh?)

 Sister #2 here!
Sister #1 read the title of this post saved in our drafts as "work out" outfit.
She scratched her head and wondered why Olivia would wear this to the gym.
"Even I wouldn't wear heels to work out in" she thought. (Although she wears them to and from teaching dance)

This lead me to thinking, it's about time we share some of our ditzy moments once again...

Last night I was talking to Selina on the phone whilst making dinner... I'm talking and talking and wondering WHY on earth my alfredo sauce does not seem to be heating up??, then I realize that the nob is turned to the off position... i was stirring for about 7 minutes before i noticed... genius. I can't tell you how many times I have missed my exit or gotten lost talking to Selina on the phone... I literally can not count.

Here's a few for Olivia (side note~ Olivia was functioning on very little sleep during the time of these quotes):

Mindlessly walking up the stairs and picking up one of Eden's (18 mos.) shirts Olivia says to herself...
"Is this my shirt........no. It's a baby shirt"
I almost peed (k not really) but the shirt was the size of half her arm.

We are driving in Costa Mesa and I say, "Livi what street do I turn on?"
To which she replied, "Straight".

Getting ready to head out (morning time) and saying bye to Liv...
Me: "Okay, so we'll be back around noon to come get you and then we'll head over to the game. See you in a bit."
Olivia: "Okay.... goodnight!"

It appears that we only do the really dumb stuff around each other...

Have any ditzy moments you would like to share??????

Soph (Sister #2)


  1. I just have to say, I absolutely love your blog! You all look so stylish all the time! I also love the idea of you all sharing one blog...it definitely makes for a fun read with all the different styles!!
    I'm sure I've got some ditzy moments I could share, but my Friday brain is in full effect and I can't think of anything. Ha!
    Oh, and I LOVE your shoes!!


  2. when i lived in new york (and let me just say, i had only been living there for a couple months) i told a cute little family of tourists that i would help them get to times square on the subway - and i took them to brooklyn, the opposite way. ditzy? or just straight up embarrassing?
    p.s. i have that very shirt!! now can i copy your styling? pretty please.


  3. I have three sisters close to my age, and we have our ditzy moments for sure! One of our favorites, is when the youngest of the four turns to the next youngest and says "You are getting a whole in your butt." She meant jeans, but that's not what we were thinking, haha!

    North Meets South

  4. VikkibabbeyMarch 25, 2011

    your shoes and shirt are super cute!


  5. Nicole GuerraMarch 25, 2011

    OMG that was absolutely hilarious! Made me laugh! I have a great one! so I was answering phones at work and when we answer we have to say "Thank you for choosing LandSafe, how may I direct your call?" Well I had my mom on my mind and when I picked up the next call I said "Thank you for choosing my MOMMY, how may I direct your call?" I'll never forget that one!

  6. I was grocery shopping with a couple girlfriends and there was an awesome deal on coffee creamer. (3/$5) I only like coffee with plenty of creamer and so this was wonderful, especially since it was Thanksgiving time and so there were really yummy flavors like pumpkin pie spice. Anyway, so after spending like 5 minutes debating what flavors we wanted, checked out and began driving home do I realize that I don't even own a coffee maker. Oops!

  7. Ana from Sweet SerendipityMarch 25, 2011

    You girls are seriously all so adorable!! Those shoes are indeed delicious, so different and gorgeous!!!

  8. I did something similar to Nicole's reply. I was working one summer at this pizza place during high school and was picking up a lot of hours. One time when I went to answer the phone at home, I answered with "Chiefs Pizza, how can I help you?" I was super embarressed but luckily it was just one of my siblings friends.

  9. Haha! Y'all are such a happy bunch of sisters. I love it!

    I know my brother and I have our moments. Like the time I called my house phone and asked him, "Are you home?"

    Or the time he was dozing off at his computer and I said, "Hey, what time does the last bus go to [some random place]?" His reply: "73." Haha! Sleepy quotes are the best!

  10. Justine @ Just Better TogetherMarch 26, 2011

    I love the print of your top and your shoes from Ross?! amazing!

    Just Better Together
    come check out the prom shoe giveaway!

  11. Where did you get those shoes? Those are lovely!


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