sisters #3 is visiting me (sister #2)!

Mar 24, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling good.  Tired, cause it was 6 something and my one year old was in her crib saying "mommie, mom, mommiiiiiiiiieeeeee", but good.  Olivia has been here since Thursday and I am LOVING it! She is so fun to have around and it has been forever since we have had so much quality sister on sister time.
Olivia inspires me because she is an artist. She can see the good in all things and she also sees the good in all people. She is the kind of sister and friend that would do anything for you.  Including buying my little brother a snowboard because she wanted to make all of his 16 year old birthday wishes come true.


~Sophie (Sister #2)

Outfit: Skirt~made by me SEE INSTRUCTIONS HERE, Shirt~Olivia's closet, Belt~Thrifted, Shoes~Olivia's closet (I want to clone them for myself BAD!)


  1. Katherine BecksteadMarch 24, 2011

    you are adorable :)

  2. Oooh, I love the skirt. I'm finally learning how to sew, so I'm going to bookmark your step-by-step instructions! :) Also, love that you paired it with the chambray. I'm definitely going to take note of that. :)

    - Caroline (

  3. That's so fun that you and your sisters can share clothes. I have 3 sisters close to my age (and 2 others that are pre-puberty) and we are all vastly different body types. But it's still fun when they visit, even if I can't wear their clothes. :)

    North Meets South

  4. VikkibabbeyMarch 24, 2011

    the skirt is really cute(=

  5. after you clone those shoes for you, please clone them for me too! thank you.



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