Apr 14, 2011

I know what you are thinking...
Okay they are there I promise:

I love the sun and yesterday it was sunny and fairly warm. I thought that it was a sign that I should wear a dress. I also love the sun because I get freckles... I LOVE FRECKLES and red hair... I wish I was red head sometimes, they are so stunning! 
Okay back to the freckles...
I love when my face gets speckled with tiny little freckles, it makes me happy.
and it confuses people even more as to what ethnicity I am....


We sisters are "grexican"
50% Hispanic, 25% English, and 25% Greek

Okay, lets hear your guesses... just for fun:)

xoxo~Sophie (sister#2)

PS: Here's to being a mix!


  1. Nicole GuerraApril 14, 2011

    LOL I love that you call it Grexican! I know a girl that looks similar to you gals and she's french and Philippino. I probably would have guessed that! I'm 75% Mexican and 6.25% German, 6.25% English, 6.25% Irish, 6.25% French. So basically 75% Mexican and 25% major mutt!

    Great outfit by the way! I want a cute leopard cardigan like that!

  2. Andrea LapeyrouseApril 14, 2011

    Haha that is so funny. All of my friends call me "Frenchican" because I'm French and Mexican

  3. Malthegal09April 14, 2011

    saw this necklace and thought of you girls

  4. I've been looking for an animal print sweater like that for ages and simply cannot find one. It shouldn't be that hard!!

  5. Danielle HolmApril 14, 2011

    I love my freckles too! It really throws everyone off during the summer. My hair turns a red tint... because I'm part Panamanian, Chinese, Scottish, and Native American...

  6. Καλημέρα από Ελλάδα! Hello Selina, Sophie, Olivia and Elise! I have been following you for quite some time...Your outfits and handmade creations are allways inspiring to all of us! I love freckles...especially my freckles! I was so happy when I read that you are 25% Greek!!!!! Have a nice weekend!

  7. Smokin. SO smoking. That is all I have to say about that.

  8. KatriNicoleApril 15, 2011

    I'm a redhead so I definitely get freckles. Just usually have to burn first ;)

    I'm having a giveaway at Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  9. Sophie! You crack me up my dear, I HATE my freckles most of the time. But having 3 red-head munchkins I can agree on the red hair thing. I swear, whenever I saw you wear that cardigan it made me want one and I could never find one! Love your cute self and I miss you! {Chris Ralston}

  10. hooray for mixes! I'm Peruvian, English, Irish, German, Spanish, French, a tiny bit Italian.....
    But mostly Peruvian and White :)
    Love the leopard cardigan btw. And I'm jealous of your freckles. My skin doesn't do freckles...only tan

  11. "grexican" -- i love it! i'm half Ecuadorian and half American. we call ourselves halfsies and my dad calls us zebras. how awesome are we that we get to coin clever names for our ethnicities and have a year round tan?!

  12. sharde@thestyleprojectsApril 18, 2011

    lol im half black half british, but i look like a dominican, it really confuses people when i open my mouth and start speaking spanish!

    my children are going to be 1/4 black, 1/4 german, 1/4 hawaiian/portugese, 1/4 brit. wooow :)


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