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Apr 13, 2011

Dolce Vita for Target shoes, necklace made by Liv,
so, this is Selina speaking, not Liv
{i know confusing but we thought you needed to hear a little bit of ditz on good old hump day}

i am gonna tell you a little story about daylight-savings  and spring picture day... 

it was a monday morning and i woke up about an hour late... Cora was already 15 mins late for pre-school and she was still asleep.. so i jump out of bed like a doofus screaming down the stairs 
"we're late WAKE UP!" poor baby still had sleepy eyes as i threw on an old sweater dress and didn't even brush her hair. out the door we flew with a baggie of cereal to eat in the car...

i bust through the door at pre-school, panting from all that jogging and her teachers say "oh good, hurry Cora, you are the last one for pictures!"


i watched them wisk my child away from me in what felt like slow motion... cereal crumbs on her face, completely ratted hair, her sweater dress that used to be her sisters that she wore the match to 3 yrs ago {you just dont repeat outfits for picture day, isn't that a rule?}

..."wait, but..."

there was nothing i could do

not buying those pictures.

fast forward a few weeks and guess what proofs i get back... 

yes, Livy, you guessed it... the worst proofs ever, of the most doofus morning ever... she is an adorable child, don't get me wrong... but these pictures, goodness.
picture the cheesy arms folded full body pose PLUS an easle of a close up of her dirty face and ratty hair right behind her.. 

i burst out laughing, cleared my throat and pretended i didn't just laugh at my own childs pictures {in front of the other moms}


is it just me, or should it be a crime to schedule spring pictures the morning after daylight-savings!



  1. That sounds like something I would do, and YES that should be against school policy to have picture day after daylight savings! That is assinine!

  2. So where are the pictures? I read through this whole post getting all ready for the big shebang at the end...girl don't leave us hangin like that! ;)

  3. well girl, its really because i felt a bit like a bad mom posting the pics... like one day she would grow up and be like... "mom, you told me i looked beautiful in those pictures! i can't believe you lied!" maybe i will post them on fb...

  4. AllisterbeeApril 13, 2011

    i love your cute outfit!

    allister bee blog

  5. Great post. I am glad I just found your blog thru Meet Virgina. I love fashion and I guess that is why i am a hairstylist and Just Jewelry Consultant. LOL If you get a chance come swing by over at Have a Happy Thursday! Jess

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