high waisted trousers

Apr 6, 2011

I love a high waist but it's hard to find high waisted pants that don't look frumpy (okay when I say hard to find I mean hard to thrift).

I don't feel so frumpy in these 6.00 vintage lovelies...

PS My head is out of the shot because my camera was set up too close and I was okay with it cause I looked so tired anyways.

PSS This ENTIRE outfit is thrifted.

PSSS I am going to have to mime my way through today cause I totally lost my voice...
Which makes me realize how loud I am, especially with my little girl. Normally, I walk in her room singing but it's more loud and obnoxious than pretty sounding, saying..."SHEEEEEE'S AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE, Sheeeeeeeeeee's A-WAAAAAAAAAKE!"

Anyone know basic signing they want to transfer over to my brain?



  1. In love with this. So cute!! Also love the suitcase I've found some thrifting that now sit in my craft room, I think they're so cute!!

  2. Look'n Good! Very sleek with that top.

  3. brittneynsmartApril 06, 2011

    oooh, those pants with that one sweet pleat down the middle of each leg = fabulous. especially paired with the fitted top. you look amazing. sorry about the voice-lossage. i know what you mean--i use my voice waaaay much with my kids, and i never realize it until it's gone, and i have to whisper, slash, not talk at all. good luck.

  4. i love those trousers oh so much. and i covet that suitcase. once i saw a bubble gum pink retro suitcase but it was like $75. that's not thrifting guys. that's just throwing away money.

  5. Goodnight! I am SO in love with that case/bag. SO FAB!

  6. This case is AMAZING!! I'm in love. Your pants look fabulous but man that case steals the show.

  7. Wish I did.

    That mini suit case is pretty dang awesome.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. VikkibabbeyApril 06, 2011

    those pants are really cute. i dont have much luck at the thrift store)=


  9. that bag is sooooooo amazzzing! I would kill for it.
    $6.00 really? NO WAY.
    how come I dont get deals like that?!


  10. Chloe_rushworthApril 06, 2011

    Cute bag.

    C x


  11. My goodness Sophie, you have the tiniest waist. What a smart looking outfit!

  12. This is a greeeeat outfit! I think I need to find myself some high waisted pants. Erin has a pair that I absolutely love on her, so yeah... this post is only confirming that I need to invest in finding a pair. :)

    - Caroline (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  13. that suitcase is so neat! and those pants are definitely a high-waisted success story!

  14. those pants look amazing on you! i can't believe the whole outift is thrifted, looks so fab - you win!


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