braided jersey necklace...

Apr 5, 2011

i know i KNOW... more jersey.. 
i cant help myself guys... yet another thing i am for sure addicted to

we guest posted again on

Heather made us another cute youtube video too
{we love her!}

you can check it out HERE

we really REALLY love ourselves some jersey... it just has so much potential in any form... i NEVER buy it at the fabric store though, i go to the Dollar Store and pick up every irregular tee that they have in the hugest sizes {sometimes i get nearly a yard of fabric for just a dollar!} or you could just steal one right out of your husbands closet.... ;) thats free ya know!

take a 5-6 inch chunk out of a mens t-shirt side seam to side seam

cut skinny strips  and stretch them out {put one aside to tie off}

split your strips into 2 sections and lay one a little on top of the other making a little loop like this... 

pull the ends of one side through the loop you made...


..into a knot

split your side sections in 2 and braid each one curving as you braid just a pinch..

use your extra strip to tie off your braids leaving some length to wrap around the knot...

chop off your ends so they are nice and even...

wrap up your ends..

all done! super quick project and you still have the rest of that shirt to play with!...
{i used my leftovers to embellish the shoulders of a cute top for my sister Elise}
you could even make a couple necklaces for your friends!

selina {sis#1}


  1. Love the necklace! I'm totally making this today. Thanks for obsessing over jersey -- and thanks for the tutorial! :-)

  2. I'm obsessed about jersey now too thanks to you! :) Great idea in making a braided jersey from something ordinary to extraordinary! PS. I've been on a crazy crocheting kick since General Conference. I was able to crochet a new hat with each session of conference! And then yesterday I did a newsboy cap, a headband and bow and now I'm working on a necklace. Sheesh! Can't wait to show you!

  3. Amazing. Love the necklace and the idea of re-using something old! Amazing.

  4. That is great. And so many variations could be done. Just think of the possibilities.

  5. BrittniWLFMApril 05, 2011

    This is awesome! I can't wait to try it :) You girls have the best tutorials! Keep it up

    Brittni, With Love From Michigan

  6. My my..... I love the necklaces u gals have made....supercreative all of u are...AND HERE U HAVE ANOTHER FOLLOWER...ME!!!:D...Can u help me make sumthing out of my jeans..?? Something awesome..or suggest sumthing u've already made? i was planning to give away that jeans to someone....:P

  7. Kelly SpenceApril 12, 2012

    Love this! You have so many amazing jewelry tutorials, Selina! I just linked to this project on our site, AllFreeBeadedJewelry--hope that's OK! Here's the link: 

    Thank you for sharing!
    Kelly Spence

  8. I love this idea but when I tried to make them it seemed like the t-shirt fibers which looked like lint on whatever I was wearing it with was there forever. Should I wash and dry the necklace after I make it to stop this. Thanks for any help with this.


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