Shoes or Gas?... and some other favorites...

Apr 26, 2011

it was so fun to click on all the shoe links! we loved them all! we will share a few of our favorites with you guys but please feel free to check out the others HERE

i just about DIED laughing when i read "Shoes or Gas?" from Elle..  i share her budgeting philosophy and weakness for Jessica Simpson Shoes...
yum right!

we loved Seeing ANA, from Sweet Serendipity's favorites, especially these
oooh... love the tan and yellow combo

we really loved this super cool thumb tack idea from 

i believe they were inpired by Jeffrey Campbells "Tick" shoe... pretty genius!

you can find a tutorial HERE from Miss Vinyl Ahoy

and last but not least "Hello lover"  from Oh Renee Design

drool a little go ahead! best part is they are from Target!  This girl has such a pretty blog, beautiful photography!

we had so much fun talking about shoes for a week... thanks for joining in! now go share some blog love and check out those links!



  1. shoes are a girls bestfriend! <3 heading over to look @ your picks!!

  2. love these!! i'm so excited to go check them all out and SO sad we missed it... you must do it again, PLEASE!

  3. This was so fun. I loved drooling at everyone's amazing shoes. Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

  4. Shoot, I took some pictures but never got them posted! I'm guessing it's too late now! I was even going to post them on my blog :(

  5. we will! it was way too fun!


  6. so many shoes, i'm in love! these are all great and sexy

  7. k, I'll do it tomorrow. I mostly wanted to give your site a shout out. :) Not that I have tons of followers...

  8. ALL of them are lovely!!!! Oh my, why do I always end up with boooring shoes??? *sigh*
    Anyways, I'm glad to have found your blog, I'm visiting form Renee's! ;)
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  9. Thanks for featuring my blog. I love your love for shoes. And your ability to sew! Sooooo jealous.

  10. sugarplumsaraMay 01, 2011

    Ok how did I miss this, as a House of Shoes blogger and a girl with the word Shoe in my last name?? too bad too bad. I'll join in if this happens again. and let me just say your comment on my blog totally made my day. thanks for following!!
    House of Shoes


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