You didn't think I'd forget?

Apr 25, 2011

On April 16th I went to my first blogger meet up. It was so much fun and I felt like I was meeting celebrities in real life.... Like WOAH, Lizzy you aren't 5' 10?.... shocking!

Since I started blogging I don't look to magazines as much for inspiration I look to these ladies...
I really felt like I was meeting famous people.
Not to mention all the other super cool bloggers whose blogs I will now be stalking. (click the link to see everyone who came)

The beautiful host...I can so see us being thrifting buddies ....
and we already arranged the marriage of our 19 month olds, her son has the most adorable curls!

Katherine and I.  It helped to have her there... we were both nervous before like we were going on a group blind date.

These two lovelies... Morgan and Ana... more celebrities.

Pretty decor:)
Thanks lizzy and Diana for hosting an amazing party!!


Check out Diana's print shop...I DIE over ...hmmm... EVERYTHING!!


  1. Wow. I can only imagine the pressure to look good at a fashion blogger meet-up! Talk about nerve-wracking!

  2. Justine @ Just Better TogetherApril 25, 2011

    Looks like so much fun!!

    Just Better Together

  3. It was indeed so fun meeting you in person. I can't wait for the next one too. Hopefully all the sisters can be there!!

  4. It was so fun meeting your Sophie! We will have to do another one very very soon!!

  5. look like you all had such a fun time!

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