Leeses Pieces...

Apr 23, 2011

um... i don't know 
my secret for successful shoe shopping is really just only looking on the sale rack... and patiently waiting for the delicious expensive ones to go on sale..
i feel pretty acomplished at the moment, i am not on the hunt for any particular shoe and i just scored some cool shoes from my Grammy's closet...
honestly you can look anywhere for shoes
Doc Martins ~ Ross

Grammy's Closet

Nordstrom Rack

Jessica Simpson~ Nordstrom Rack


Grammy's closet

Steve Madden~ Ross

even our brother Mitch wanted to get in on shoe week...

Nike {notice his Mickey Mouse Baby Blankey}


MONDAY is the last day to LINK before we pick our favorites... so hurry up ladies! we have been having so much fun reading your shoe posts!

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