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May 28, 2011

so to continue from yesterdays post we want to share some blogs that we have been loving lately... we don't actually have a cool award to give them... {we are looking for a web designer so we can make some cool buttons and pretty up our blog... maybe then we can have a cute little button that says "the sisters die for you" or something doofus like that} anyway...

first of all if you don't follow Atlantic-Pacific run your butts over there and check her out... she is magic...

she shares my affinity for wearing "too much" jewelry and somehow makes flats look chic..

K is for Kani is one of the weirdest/coolest style bloggers ever! the girl rocks scrunchies for pete sake total old lady sweaters and school-girl hats and she just looks so amazing! talk about fearless style!

and now onto some "let us introduce you to..."

oh this girl is SOOOOOO good... most of her blog is video tutorials for all kinds of makeup looks, Jlo kim k all of our makeup favorites... plus tips and tricks andproduct reviews...
she is a goddess, go check her out!

4 best buds with super hero styling skills! they each have their own styling strengths that when combined rock the house! they did this awesome styling on one of their readers closets and it turned out so great! do you want them to do your closet? head on over and beg them to do another closet revamp!!!

Connie from The Lookbook XO
she is super cute, super girly style, and right now that brave girly girl is letting her husband dress her!!! i nearly died when i heard her say that!!! {i was picturing my own husband dressing me and the hilarious results...} you have to see for yourselves...

and for some sewing goodness...

Liz and Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Co.




i couldn't choose just one picture... they are all so good!!! these sister-in-laws {withe the same names!} are so freaking talented!!! they are constantly whipping up these adorable creations out of vintage patterns or creating their own...
i was first introduced to them by my friend Meg, she sent me a link to that yellow petal-y skirt and i fell in love at first sight!
 i will be guest posting over there on Mon and Sophie on Friday for their Vintage Fabric challenge...

go check them out... you will be browsing for hours its just so addicting!

happy saturday friends!

{and the other 3}


  1. I am so obsessed with Atlantic-Pacific. Blair is perfection!

  2. elizabethMay 28, 2011

    Thanks for the love...and I love all the sewing that goes on over here!!!!! It is just so great!  And all the same shoe size.....jealous.

  3. sugarplumsaraMay 28, 2011

    so many awesome blogs out there! thanks for the tips!

     come check out my chic on a dime outfit :) House of Shoes

  4. oooo thanks for sharing.

  5. These are great links! I love the Lookbook too! 

  6. Thank you for featuring my blog! It was such a pleasant surprise to check in on your blog (a personal favorite of mine) and see our picture! Best day ever! THANK YOU. I love you all!

    xo Corinne


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