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May 27, 2011

we are BIG TIME slackers on this Stylish Blogger award situation... so here it goes in no particular order

Kassie @Life inspired
Jennifer @ Darlingnotes
Brittney @ Adayinthelifetoo
Dacia @ CreativeMomma
Georgette @ pinkcalaveras
Angela @ Betterthanamilkmustache
Crystal @ thecraftycrystal
Maria @ agapelovedesigns
Lisa @ twinspiration {this award was for substance... who us?}

for the lovely awards! you guys are too sweet! {and stylish!}

we are so sorry it took us so long to thank you formally!

here are some things you might not know about the sisters4 {and some goofy pictures of us to brighten your day}

Livy, Selina, Sophie and Elise... doing an interpretive dance...


+We are ACTUALLY sisters... for real 100%... believe it.
+We ALSO have 3 brothers who happen to be cute and single...
Sophie and Elise
+Selina Used to Play Velma in the Scooby Doo stage show at Paramount's Great America.. once at a show her wig spun on her head and her microphone pack fell out and swung like a pendulum between her legs...
one of Olivias designs
+Sophie was on ESPN2  competing in the top 10 college dance teams
+Olivia used to be a serious skater/tom boy
Selina Sophie and our brother Carlos... playing some serious dress up...
+Elise's nickname was "phatty" or "phat" for short
+Sometimes Sophie laughs like Sponge Bob
Sophie and Selina
+Olivia's nickname was weasel... because she used to "collect" things that didn't belong to her
+One time Olivia fell out a window into a planter while wearing vampire teeth
Sophie and Selina
+Sophie called her nursery teacher "the man with some hair and no hair" (he was bald with a beard)
+Olivia Studies Fashion Design at FIDM
+Sometimes Selina doesn't do her dishes for days..
Shaggy Scooby and Selina Velma
+Selina SWORE she would never have children (being the oldest was enough) and wouldn't get married till she was thirty... she was married at 19 almost 10 yrs ago and has 2 kids (who people think she "babysits" for)
+Olivia frequently uses one word expressions like "magic" instead of "wow, that's great" and "truth" instead of "you are so right, i agree"
+Elise is a cheerleader and she "flies"
+We ALL wear the same shoe size... including our Mom
+Sophie once had to pull Olivia back from a mosh pit by her suspenders because Olivia wanted to touch Davie Havock {lead singer of AFI} so badly..
+Sophie and Olivia used to sneak into Tennis courts at night and rig the lights so they could play
+we think we are really funny... but in reality the only one of us who gets actual laughs from non-family members in Elise
+Elise is a professional sleeper {or teenager, whatever you want to call it}she has this amazing ability to sleep till noon reguardless of when she went to bed...
+Sophie and Elise like to choreograph dances everytime they get together...
+Olivia and Elise always end up wrestling some how everytime they get together...
+Selina gets up every sat. morning at 6:30 to sing in a choir
+Olivia has donated the most shoes to Elises closet than all of us combined
+Olivia gives the best gifts
+Sophie has tons of bottles of coral-y red nail polish and everytime we shop for nail polish she picks up yet another version of the same color, like she has never seen it before!
+Olivia likes to dig her chin into your shoulder when she gives hugs... it makes your knees buckle... she thinks its hilarious
+Selina used to put lipstick on before bed in 5th grade so she wasn't lying when people asked if she put lipstick on {it didn't count if you put it on the night before}
+Selina's nostrils flare up when she laughs hysterically

to be continued....


  1. What fun facts about you all!  :)

  2. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So cute! Haha honestly I had to look at your faces really hard the first time I stumbled upon your blog because I didn't quite believe you were sisters :) I can see it now of course!


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