May 24, 2011

walmart denim shirt, Little Mookie necklace, Forever 21 flares, Charlotte Russe booties 

so, flares and flats are kind of hard for me...

while i admit their obvious cute-ness and functionality, i personally feel a bit ho hum when i wear either... today it was flares..
 thumbs up or thumbs down?

there is just something magical about a gorgeous pair of heels and a skinny jean to properly showcase them... 
you can't even see my cute ankle boots! 
{and its not just because my hubby hadn't cut the grass yet}

i am not a rules person... but i doubt you will see me rocking flares AND flats in the same look... i am still trying to get used to one at a time!

any suggestions?
new blogs i should stalk that could teach me a thing or 2 about rocking the flared jean or making a flat shoe look chic? please share!



  1. I'm a big flats fan myself but find myself wearing heels more and more. I think the key to flats are to make sure they are cute. Ya know, colors, patterns, etc. Either way, you will look fabulous and these flares are great!

    North Meets South

  2. girl, the flares are cute. espesh with the jean shirt. but i might not be the one to ask bc i wear FLARES and FLATS everyday. Heels at my job are a big fat hassel.

  3. StephanieMay 24, 2011

    Now, I'm NO fashion expert, nor do I claim to be, but.....Flares look great with heels, too.  Of course, the jeans have to be long enough - too short and it looks wrong.  I've never "stalked" this site, but here's a link to a fashion site all about flared jeans and heels.  http://www.shefinds.com/2011/celebrities-want-to-thank-the-70s-for-peace-love-flare-jeans/  I'm not a fan of flats, either.  There is something intentional and feminine about even the smallest heel.  I try on flats every now and then and I just feel like a child in them.  I see plenty of cute flat-wearers, but they just aren't for me.  All that being said, I'll have to admit that I still can't bring myself to do skinny jeans, so it's all a personal preference in the end.

  4. I dont ever wear flats and flare together either! But you pulled it off for sureee! :)


  5. Chloe_rushworthMay 24, 2011

    OH i'm so not good with flats and flares. You look fab though sweet. 

    C x

  6. oh  thanks girl! i am totally wearing a serious platform under those flares! { buried in the grass!} i would have looked 2 feet tall if i had been in flats too! 

  7. thanks for the link! i TOTALLY feel like a child in flats! you put it perfectly cause i can never explain why i feel so dumb in them... its weird because i feel like so many people look elegant in a great flat, just not me!!!! it might be that i already look sort of young-ish and i am kind of a shrimp... i just don't want to add to the equation! thank you for the comment! 

  8. Savetheflies2003May 24, 2011

    I love the shirt. I love the pants. I do not love them together. I don't do double denims.  I do however wear flats and flares all the time, and love it. 

  9. Thumbs up! Is that a ribbon in your blouse? I like it.

  10. I'm definitely a skinny jeans girl. I've never really liked flares :( trousers yes, but regular flares, no :P Not my thing personally. they look great on you though


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