happy mothers day mom!

May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers day!
This is Carrie OUR MOM! Not only did she give birth to all of us sisters but to 3 boys too!
This lovely lady taught us a lot.... to never judge others because you don't know the full story, to make the most amazing salsa ever (She is half Greek and half English, but man you gotta try this salsa!!), to turn chores into a dance party just by playing fun music, and she taught us that getting the mail could be our very own fun "adventure".

The last two years have been hard to say the least. She is a single mom and working to provide for the two siblings still at home. The way that she has reacted through these hard times has taught us all more than she could ever teach us through speaking... she has held on to her faith in God and persevered with hope and love.  Her legacy of faith will be her greatest gift to us. We are so proud of you mom.

She also instilled in us a love of shoes. You can see where we got our hobby:


Nordstrom Rack~Gift





Nordstrom rack~Gift


I am realizing that a lot of these shoes were gifts .... I think that we all just know how much she loves shoes and how practical she is to never splurge on herself.... It's fun to get shoes for those kinds of people, huh?

As far as this blog goes this momma gets a lot of credit. She helped teach us to create something out of nothing, how to stretch 20 dollars, and how an old shawl could be re-purposed as a table cloth.  We grew up on a meager budget but we always felt good with what we had.
Thanks for all you do!

~All of us sisters


  1. LOVE this. I bet she is so proud of you girls!

  2. Nice! Did I mention how awesome those pink boots are?!?!

  3. RoxannescovilleMay 09, 2011

    Wowie! Your mom is truly an inspiration! Now I see where you got your gorgeous looks from...your mom! What I really like is the fact that you honor her and love her in all that you do. She must be so proud! Love, Lizzie B's mom

  4. This is a really sweet post!

  5. misstashiMay 14, 2011

     um, I want those pink boots! Your mom sounds awesome


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