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May 7, 2011

thrifted top, vest made by me, swapped boyfriend jeans, Charlotte Russe boots, Little Mookie Designs necklace

same legs in both pictures. {and sort-of the same grimace on my face... dumb canker} i think i am subconsciously shoe modeling, in my mind shoes are the most important part of the outfit... clearly and no one really cares about the rest of the outfit and FOR SURE no one is examining the strange faces i make in front of the camera {sorry, too vain to share those faces today}i somehow manage to look angry or completely silly and not much in between... i would love to look serene just once! and its not for lack of  studying episodes of top model, i know about "smeyesing"... i just cant do it. i know you guys have heard me rant about how totally doofus i feel taking pictures anyway and how i frequently crack up during these "shoots"... how do you do it style bloggers? HELP me! i am in need of some serious lessons... truth is, without this blog i simply would stay out of pictures entirely. i get nervous in front of a camera and almost never anywhere else... i can get on stage and sing and dance and act and never get nervous, but just me and my camera.. yikes. what is that about? i had my hubby take pictures of another outfit today and i was mortified... i just stood there. am i camera shy or is there another way to describe the doofusness that is me in front of the camera?.. maybe i should do like a hidden camera photo shoot... how would that even work? ideas? anyone?



  1. Wanted to let you ladies know I awarded you with a blog award. You can see it here: http://whatwouldamotherwear.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-favorite-skirt-plus-blog-award.html

    Thanks for bringing sunshine to my days!

  2. I sooooo feel you! Oh my gosh. I will only take pictures when people aren't around and haven't gotten the courage to post many! A lesson would be soooo appreciated!


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