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May 19, 2011

I took these pictures a few weeks ago and these jeans are now folded up in the top of my closet and probably won't see the light of day for a while.  I am officially out of them! and the baby bump has just started to POP!  It happened over what seemed like a week or so...POP there it is.  My butt somehow got the memo that it is supposed to grow at the same rate as my belly... I don't know where it got that idea!

This pink shirt (Ross) has been my absolute favorite during these first three months of the awkward transition from looking plumper to looking pregnant.  It flows away from the body and I want 10 more of them.  

I am definitely feeling the changes of pregnancy and I am so grateful for my body and what it can do.  It is amazing. Pregnancy has helped me appreciate my body more than anything.  My body is a gift...  and it creates life.  

I just have to share this: 
My friend Mary who has struggled with health issues was recently diagnosed with a blood flow disorder. It has been a long road to finding the diagnoses and now that she has it she will be getting surgery to fix the issue. 
She wrote this~

"I have been reading about surgery and how to prepare the body for surgery, and I read somewhere that our bodies hear every thought we have. I want my body to feel its strength, and to know that I am so grateful for the way that it has protected me and carried me, to know without a doubt that I believe in its healing powers, and that it is my very own temple. My sanctuary. My dwelling place secure. I want my body to feel confident and strong, and have the same fighting spirit that it has always had, keeping me here all these years, through turmoil and strife. I want my body to know that I am 100 percent supportive of it."

She put it more beautifully than I ever could.

Sophie (sister #2)


  1.  Love that quote! How amazing.

  2. sugarplumsaraMay 19, 2011

    love the outfit! and wow what a great quote. The human body is truly an amazing thing. congrats on your pregnancy if I haven't already said that yet! YOu look great!
    House of Shoes

  3. Carley CheffMay 19, 2011

     oh man, i cannot wait to get out of the "is she getting fat or is she pregnant?" stage! its fun to see someone about the same stage as me! are you going to find out what you're having?

  4. Amber (Thrifted Clothes)May 19, 2011


  5. StephanieMay 19, 2011

    That transition - both into and out of maternity clothes - is a hard one.  I needed a stretch panel for my rear before I did for my belly.  There are such cute clothes for preggos - not as much when I went through it, though.  It will be fun to watch your "progress."  And, yes, our bodies ARE amazing! 

  6. Heather - Family VolleyMay 19, 2011

     Every stage of pregnancy is so amazing. When we really think about what our bodies are able to do, what a miracle.  I hope you haven't been sick. I am days away from delivering our 4th baby. I have been trying to channel my inner strength just like your friend, in preparation. She put it so beautifully. 


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