i have been trying to wear flats...

May 18, 2011

Target glasses, Forever 21 tees, Macy's bracelets, Macy's jeggings, Kohls flats

i swear i am not a total flats snob... a person can't wear a heel every day... {no matter how hard that person might try!} but i just don't feel as cute without a heel... and i have quite a collection of super cute flats and flat sandals that have never seen the light of day! {my feet are SO vain i swear!}

 so i guess what i am saying is that i need to give flats a chance... i buy them after all, why not actually wear them?

now to learn how to style them!

i have been loving bronzy/peachy make-up lately...
 any ideas for colors i should play with next?


ps.... we have have been thinking alot about the direction we want our blog to go and i think we have come up with a "Movement" that we can't wait to share with all of you!  


  1. Hilary MaeMay 18, 2011

     Love those flats, I've been trying to wear more lately too.  And I'm huge into the neutral tones with make-up right now.  But I'm terrible with colored eye shadow to begin with.


  2. sugarplumsaraMay 18, 2011

    I have the same issue. I only own like 3 pairs of flats and I should wear them more often! You look great :) gorgeous makeup too wow!

    House of Shoes

  3. SimplesimonandcoMay 18, 2011

      Until recently I've had a closet full of flats that have been shamefully ignored...I'm usually a heels girl myself.  But being more than 5 months pregnant has helped my find my inner flat love.  Oh sure, I still wear a ridiculous heel every now and then but when I do I have a sneaking suspicion that I look like "an orange on a toothpick". 

     I'm curious about your new "movement" I'm hoping that it is a quest to travel the country dressing expecting mothers so they don't look like draped lima beans (with your first stop being at my house) but I doubt that is the direction you are taking.  However, I'm still excited to see what you'll be up to.

  4. Rachel TatemMay 18, 2011

     I find that flats are hard to dress up at times.  But I find the more unique the easier it is to dress them up.  So I really like to get flats that are plain enough that you can add your own accent to them.  Like a nice cloth flower or a could of buttons strung together.

  5. Chloe_rushworthMay 18, 2011

     I'm such a heel girl too. But you've given me the strength to try the flats. I love those ones you've got on.

    C x

  6.  those flats are so cute!! you should wear them more!!

  7. mollybethMay 18, 2011

     just found your blog and i love, love, LOVE it! So fun! Loving your style and tutorials. I'd love for you to come stop by my blog!!


  8.  Your flats are super cute! I love the color and the bow

  9. hahahahahahahaha!!!! orange on a stick.... draped lima beans!  you described to the "T" both my pregnancies!!! sophie will be posting her pregnant styling for the next 6 months... that will be fun to see, especially since we live so far apart.... cant wait to send you guys my "project" i was worried at first... but i let J Crew inspire me and got my mojo back!



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