May 26, 2011

i LOVE LOVE to put my girls in matching outfits! 
its addicting really, i will spend exorbitant amounts of time searching for matching shoes in both sizes {which is impossibly hard because you can't always find the big girl shoe in the toddler size or vise versa} 

with clothing its much easier and sewing helps me keep them matching every holiday {sad will be the day when they beg me not to do this, even sadder the day when i give in to the begging}

this particular dress was a little bit free-style... a bodice from one pattern... sleeves from another, side ties from something else and i eye-balled the skirt...
i purchased this fabric a year ago on clearance at Joanns with the intent to use it for Easter... which is hilarious because i  hardly ever plan ahead let alone a year in advance! 
i wanted the dress to be kinda Shirley Temple but not too short... it was still too short so i whipped up a quick underskirt in a yellow gingham  so when those little naughties raised their arms they wouldn't flash the other kids at church...

oh ya and those sweet little shoes were at Walmart for $2.50!!!!!!
{i snipped the ugly bows off the back}

no amount of sweet well mannered styling can cover up the fact that my little comedians have absolutely no manners and that "butts" are always funny even on Easter sunday in a pretty dress...

in one shot you can see exactly the kind of personalities these two have...
"yes mommy"
"i'm out-a here"


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  1. love love love. Can you make me one? :)

  2. So adorable Selena!  I love matching my girls too! 

  3. How sweet! Very cute and very lovely little girls.

  4. Your daughters are so frakking cute. I love the gingham (so 2011), the pop of yellow petticoat (yeay color blocking), and the fitted bodice and full skirt. It's very NOW, actually. It's very Adult silhouettes translated to children's wear.

    I can also see right away which one is the sassy, independent, Life of the Party (Little one), and which one is the reserved, obedient, Role Model, Straight As, Deans List, Magna Cum Laude one. It's funny how apparent children's personalities are when they are so young--it makes you wonder if they have personalities in the womb that we don't even know of!

    Great pics. Your sewing skills blow my mind.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. I love their dresses! You did such a good job. I think the yellow underskirt adds so much. Don't you love how mistakes sometimes turn into fantastic successes?


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