Secret Pajamas...

May 3, 2011

i have another Sercret...

i wore this outfit to bed...

ok... so, not the boots, the jacket or the necklace

it just dawned on me that with the right accessories you can change jammies into an outfit...

...but you have to throw out old junkie or cheesy jammies and only keep jammies you could stand to be caught dead in, ya know? i had this convo with my BFF Syd years ago when we were overhauling her closet... she kept insisting on keeping oversized printed tees and such because she could "wear them as pajammas" i told her no freaking way and confiscated every ugly ill-fitted thing that she had been hanging on to for years...

its not cause i'm mean or some sort of jammie snob {i do own Santa footie jammies, but that is a long story!} i just feel like its important to feel cute waking up in the morning {my least favorite time of day} it motivates me to get out the door when i don't even really want to get out of bed

another reason why i love the just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, 1 part super lazy 1 part totally cute! {i recently re-discovered my diffuser attachment, last time i used one of those was like 10 freaking yrs ago!}

how do you roll out of bed?

are you vain about it like me, or do you think i am a total nut job and should dig my betty boop jammies out of the goodwill pile?



  1. I love all of the different earthy colors! You look great. And super comfy. Win win!

  2. Uh I wish I could wake up and roll out of bed and look as good as you. =) Loving all the colors in this outfit!

    -Erin (

  3. you are ADORABLE - i LOVE that you dress for bed in order to roll out of it lookin good... i feel inspired to go chuck some things from my closet, including but not limited to all pajama pants that hit my leg mid-shin. not cute.

    p.s. i think of you now every time i hit the dollar section of target. i bought ten little white buckets there the other day. you never know when you might need some little white buckets...

  4. I totally get the pajama thing. When I got old enough to have more say in my clothing and had my own money to spend on it, one of the first things I wanted was cute pajamas.

  5. i'm definitely not "fashionable" with my jammies but i'm also not cheesy. neutral prints and tees for me. nothing too shabby either. i don't want my clothes falling apart on me. honestly i don't spend that much time in my jammies so i don't have a whole lot of rules or actually that many of them. that's just me, though.

  6. Katherine BecksteadMay 03, 2011

    okay, you are so adorable! love it.

  7. Savetheflies2003May 03, 2011

    I roll out of bed in my super gaudy oversized tshirts and loving it. Although, I'm sure I would never leave the house in them. But hey, if someone rings my doorbell and gets an eye full of that mess...err hottness, then they brought it on themselves.

  8. Chloe_rushworthMay 03, 2011

    Haha, i'm a bit of a vain one like you my dear but I think we should totally get out our old typical PJs at some point at rock them for one night.

    C x
    Check out my new 'Style it Five' concept lovelies

  9. I'm a total wreck when I wake up. I'm all about comfort. Maybe I should care a bit more. I might not scare so many people when they see me :)

    Super cute outfit, btw.

  10. sugarplumsaraMay 03, 2011

    wow. You've got style!!! this is an amazing outfit. love all the layers :) You look incredible!

    House of Shoes

  11. elizabethMay 04, 2011

    I am just impressed that a "roll out of bed" look can look that good. Now that is a talent. My look in the mornings is way scarier. Probably the reason I get weird looks in the carpool lane....


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