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May 4, 2011

I'm having flash backs of when I would go 80's dancing a few years ago and rock out to "vogue" by Madonna.  When Lyndzee of EPLove contacted the sisters I was stoked because her work is UUUUHHHHHH-mazing!
I just so happened to be the only one of the sisters available to be there for the fashion shoot...
(Cross your fingers we all get our buns to CA this summer for a sisters shoot with Lyndzee!)
Lyndzee made me feel comfortable and beautiful which was awesome cause I'm not a model at all.

I really can't praise her and her husbands work enough... just look.

Thanks again Lyndzee! 

Sophie (sister#2)

Photo's are property of sisters4saymoreismore and EPLove. Please contact for any use.


  1. These pics are gorgeous! You look fabulous in every one!

  2. first off, if you're not very good at modeling then the whole industry is a sham. you rock, girl! you look so great. i also love the photography. so good with the lighting and everything. i think my fave is the black and white one.

  3. sugarplumsaraMay 04, 2011

    wow this is beautiful!!! You're gorgeous.

    House of Shoes

  4. not to detract from this post BUT i used a BUNCH of your tutorials today on my blog and i wanted to thank you girls for being awesome and showing the world how great you are.

  5. Chloe_rushworthMay 04, 2011

    That jacket right at the top, I WANT IT!!! It's so gorgeous

    C x
    Check out my Style it Five and join in loves


  6. Loving the photo shoot. The second one is magical.

  7. My first thought when I saw these was "WOW! I didn't know she modeled!" You are beautiful Sophie & look rockin awesome in these shots! You could totally model professionally...totally...

  8. these pics are so good! love your shoes in pic #1 :)

  9. elizabethMay 04, 2011

    Simply lovely.

  10. One word: GORGEOUS!! All of them, i don't know what your talking about because you truly look like a pro model :) P.S. Where are those lovely strappy heels from? They're gorgeous!!

  11. Sisters4saymoreismoreMay 05, 2011


    totally borrowed from olivia (sister #3)

  12. Sisters4saymoreismoreMay 05, 2011

    Jacket~Forever 21

  13. Your not a model?! You can fool everyone with those gorgeous pictures. Just saying...=)

  14. OMG I love the jacket in the first picture!! Those pictures really vogue-typical hehehe. I love your blog! <3

  15. I love all these photos. I really mean that. They are exquisitely done and that first outfit is amazing!


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