zippers are the bane of my existance....

May 5, 2011

necklace made by me, Target tee, skirt Simplicity 2413, BCBG shoes

 .... that is not, however, why i have such a grouchy face, its those stupid doofus cankers sores again! sorry, no smiling for me...

i FINALLY learned a great trick for installing nearly any zipper with little to no headache involved..
WOO HOO! right?

little known fact:
if you don't read the instructions, doofus things can happen.. its true.
 3 trys and 2 zippers later i have my super cute {would have been super easy had i read the instructions}skirt..

i sort of want to try putting this high pleated waist on the full skirt! wouldn't that be super cute?!

on to the next 99 cent pattern...



  1. love that skirt. one day i'll learn how to sew. until then ill keep dreamin'

  2. Try upping your zinc to help with the canker sores. I have a friend who used to get them chronically. Now he takes some zinc every day and never gets them. Canker sores are miserable! Good luck!

  3. i haven't tried that one! thanks!!! i am just desperate... i am in so much pain, i am only having about a week between cankers lately and it is just driving me nuts! running out to get the zinc asap!

  4. Hautethrift LcMay 05, 2011

    Cute! I totally feel you on the zipper thing. Got one done on the 2nd try when refashioning a skirt, but the zipper is now at an angle. Ay ya yay..
    Keep the inspiration comin'!

  5. That is sooooo cute!! I am totally going out and getting this pattern!! AND I absolutely love 99 cent patterns. They are like the most amazing thing EVER!

  6. november greyMay 05, 2011

    I'm totally envious of girls who can sew. My partner at Secondhand Star is amazing, but me... not so much.

    Well done! That skirt is fab.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey &

  7. Chloe_rushworthMay 05, 2011

    Love the use of the word doofus! ha. You look fab, I LOVE the hair.

    C x
    Check out my Style it Five challenge, you know you want to.

  8. sugarplumsaraMay 05, 2011

    love this whole thing!

    House of Shoes

  9. awe, thanks love! i diffused it!.. its not really that curly... just frizzy enough to bug me...

  10. thanks! i am loving your secondhand star refashions by the way... i love seeing what something can become!


  11. just tell everyone you did it on purpose!

  12. how hard was the pattern otherwise? I am new to sewing and want to try this pattern. Are the directions really hard?

  13. it was actually super easy... i marked the pleats with little snips into the fabric and then lined up my snips... that was really the hardest part! well, apart from the doofus zipper! just read the zipper part super carefully and you will be fine! i always get into trouble when i skip instructions!

    ps.. i totally want to see it when its finished!

  14. elizabethMay 06, 2011

    I feel the same way about zippers. One time I do one and think....ok that was easy and then the next time....some not so choice words slip out because the dang zipper won't go in correctly.

  15. I've made this and it's STILL confusing installing the zipper! I sewed it while taking a sewing class and even my teacher told me to do it wrong. Luckily I noticed her mistake before I sewed it.

    You did an excellent job, by the way.

  16. thanks love!
    oh my gosh, i am glad it wasn't just me!!! SO confusing right!? i think its the pocket that complicates it... i would just do with out the pockets but they are so stinking cute i couldn't leave them out!!!


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