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Jun 29, 2011

2 1/2  yards of vintage anchor fabric~3.00, shoes~1.00, 2 dwell studio jammies~4.00

Vintage overalls~2.00, shoes~1.00

suspenders~1.50, Moccasins~hand me down

Shopping for a baby boy is hard... well, harder than shopping for a baby girl.
I have found that what I like is expensive and my normal go-to kid apparel stores have lots of little man clothes that would go great with puka shells.

I just like basics. Stripes and solids with no bunny apliqe. (Although I already have jammies with stuff like that on them and it's cute too.)

Thrifting for my little guy was really fun. Kind of like a treasure hunt.
It was also ridiculously fun to thrift with Selina and Liz. Pictures to come!!!



  1. I can imagine how much harder it would be, but you found some realllly cute stuff!

  2. Where do you go thrifting?! I would love to know! :)

  3. Melissa | I Still Love YouJune 29, 2011

    OH MY GOSH. I love all of your finds! I'm super jealous of the suspenders & moccasins. Felix needs a pair of suspenders.

    Boys are nearly impossible to shop for. I agree.

  4. Sisters4saymoreismoreJune 30, 2011

    American Fork Utah Deseret Industries.

  5. elizabethJuly 01, 2011

    I agree about the baby boy things....but you found awesome deals.  And those moccasins....I need them.


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