swap meet up

Jun 30, 2011

The group.
For a list of all the fabulous bloggers you see here CLICK HERE.

Me (sister #2) and mom.

The delicious desert table....(do you DIE over those decorations?)

Swaping.... we walked away with some pretty sweet things!

The hostesses... Diana, Lizzy, Ana, and Morgan.

I wish we could all hang out everyday!

All photos taken by the lovely Jessica.


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun!! The decorations look adorable, too...


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  2. Lovely ladies!  (Yes, you are!)  I am so sorry I wasn't there to meet your stunning mom, but it isn't Halloween and I didn't want to scary anyone away.  There is NO way to compare because there is no comparison.  When did she have you?  She doesn't even look like she's hit 30 yet!  Thanks so much for being such a good friend(s) to Liz!  Love you lots and lots!  Roxanne  xoxo

  3. sugarplumsaraJuly 01, 2011

    aww I wish I lived in the area! looks like so much fun!!!

  4. Holy, I love this blog! Is there anyway you can hook us fanatics up with  e-mail updates of your newest posts? I see you have Feedburner as a reader, but this girl would love her some e-mail too! I get what I get and I wont throw a fit, BUT, Pretty please?

  5. Everyday AdventuresJuly 04, 2011

    Hey y'all! Loving your blog! Your stories are endearing and your outfits are fabulous!

    Love, Kelly (via kellynevling.blogspot.com)

  6. I love swap meets!!!! That looks like you had a blast!

    Laura Born To Be Styled


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