i have a new dirty-hair-hat...

Jun 2, 2011

Kohls hat, Walmart denim top, Target tee, Macy's jeans,
Payless booties

i love a great hat... but we all know that i love a hat that hides bad hair... or dirty hair and i LOVE a cheap hat the very most! this little beauty was just $4 at Kohls... it was meant to be! now i can be a slob and not totally look like one! 

thanks Dirty-Hair-Hat! you are the best!



  1. oh girl im all for the dirty hair coverups. in fact i m rocking a sock bun right now to disguise my dirty hair! love the red hat.

  2. Inspired!!! I need on of these! So cute!

  3. Awww, I LOVE that hat!!

  4. Danielle H.June 02, 2011

    ooh how darling! I think its time for me to look for a new hat!

  5. The hat is awesome! It's such a pretty color!

    Born To Be Styled 

  6.  Aw, cute hat! I love that style it looks so great on.


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