a mommy daughter date...

Jun 1, 2011

 when we were little girls our mom used to take us on "mommy daughter dates" where we each got a one-on-one turn for some mommy time... {which was quite precious considering there were seven kids!}

i decided this was an important tradition to carry on, {even though i only have 2 little monsters, they still need to have their own day of undivided attention} so Eva and i set the date and made our plans...

first of all some bargain shopping at TJ Maxx... {of course}

they didn't really have a lot of kid shoes but a girl can dream of bigger feet...

 many, many sparkle-y prom shoes to choose from...

look at those tiny feet! i remember trying on my mom's shoes and thinking they were only two fingers too big... and that i only needed to grow for about 6 more months before they would fit!
{it was more like 6 yrs}

she FORCED me to try these on...

just a few of our sweet deals...

 i told Eva she could pick anywhere she wanted to go for lunch... {i was hoping she would pick Panera and praying she wouldn't pick Mickey D's}

She picked Carrabas.
i told her it would dip into our shoes budget...
 ...but she really REALLY wanted calamari 
{weirdest request from an 8 year old}

 a little bit of napkin art..
 yummy bread...
 delicious pizza and pasta..

 full tummy...

a little more shoe shopping and a movie to end our day {we had to stay out past bedtime of course!}

i had so much fun with my little sugar, i don't see her much during the week because of school so it was so nice to take our time for a day...


ps... yes, i noticed the "Daddy" shirt... the irony is not lost on me! 


  1. Chloe_rushworthJune 01, 2011

    She is completely going to be just like you when he's older. So so cute.

    C x

  2. what a fun day! I love those jeweled shoes!!! 


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