maxi, maxi, maxi!

Jun 8, 2011

{ know like Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!}
Walmart denim top, Target Maxi, Nine West shoes, Earrings made by me
maxi and i have a love hate relationship, {i thought this little stripe-y clearance find would be a tad longer than it is... still, can't beat 6 bucks.}

any maxi styling suggestions? comment a suggestion and i will try it out and post all my maxi combos {no matter how crazy, i promise!}

we will call it 
"Maxi, oh how do i style thee?
 let me count the ways.."

{bwhahahahahaha, i am a major doofus}

alrighty... ready, set, go!



  1. You are always so adorable. I am thinking a big, floppy white sun hat and a huge bag in a fun, bright color. Yellow? 

  2. sugarplumsaraJune 08, 2011

    hey I almost bought that same maxi on sale the other day! now I'm starting to wish I had :) there's so many things you could do with it. You could wear it as a shirt if you tuck it in. You could wear it as a skirt if you slip a top and a belt over it!
     House of Shoes

  3. haha that was such a good buy! I definitely LOVE the color! I would put a t-shirt on top (to make it look a long skirt), sandals, sunglasses and a side body satchel! :)

  4. Tie it up and wear it as a scarf on your head.  You made a promise to do whatever it is we suggest...ready, set go!  :)  Love you...

  5. i've seen alot of shorter maxi's recently. so no worries on the lil bit too shortness of it. it's still cute.

  6. I have that SAME MAXI and I wore to church on Sunday.  I kept getting comments about 1. looking like I was wearing prison clothes or, 2.  what sport I was refereeing.  I just got to hot in is with a simple white t-shirt, long necklace watch (my passion) and black platforms.  I think I'll wear my hair up to keep it cooler next time.  You look GORGEOUS!  Love your guts back... From Lizzie's Mom!  xoxoxo

  7. sisters4saymoreismoreJune 08, 2011

    you know i'm gonna do it!

  8. I know you will fashionista.  I typed it as a funny joke between me and you and after I hit send I thought, you know she will do it and make something fabulous out of it!!  Mwah

  9. PS I have some cream tassels for you so you can make another pair of earrings!

  10. I bought the same dress in black. I had hoped it would be longer too but I like it. Here is how I have worn it so far:

  11. love the black one! cute idea as a skirt!

  12. love you back!!! i want to see this outfit! and i am sure your shoes are awesome, you are Lizzies mom after all!

  13. yay!!!  thanks girl! i have a feeling my "maxi turban" is gonna be way more funny than fashion... but a deal is a deal!

  14. Nice outfit I love it ;)

  15. shamclover85June 09, 2011

    Ubber cute! I haven't commented in a while but I'm still looking @ the site! Miss seeing your fashion fabulousness every Sunday!

  16. BreezybugJune 09, 2011

     I love that outfit! It's so cute! I also love this blog.

    ~Bree from

  17. Really adorable and I kind of love it that length... newly following, come see me!  Orangies Attic

  18. This maxi is FABULOUS.
    Ask the Duplex


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