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Jul 5, 2011

I know a certain sister that would find this post sac-religious fashion wise... I'm not going to name names... cough....Selina.
But I love Rainbows... the sandals.
They are the most comfortable flip that you'll ever find and they have a nice arch support for your flop.
It is also great when you find these 40.00 (insane amount) flip flops for 7 dollars at Pac Sun in Michigan.  Those Michiganders didn't know what they're missing.
These are my second pair in like 7 years and I will never turn back!
Now don't be shocked that I don't try really hard to look stylish everyday..  The more pregnant I get the harder is is to try to put effort into getting ready.
Like my hair has some ridiculous split ends and grown out layers that seriously need attending to ...like 3 months ago. sigh.
Any words of advice? pregnancy, hair, or otherwise??

PS~This cutie is gone for 4 weeks at an Army training course...
They don't get to use cell phones.
Pregnant= Emotional
I tried not to cry a lot yesterday. 
Yes, they flew him out the morning of the fourth of July. lame.

Okay, I'll survive I know. 
4 weeks will go by fast right??



  1. Prenatal pills, make your hair looovely.

  2. I am soo sorry your husband will be gone for 4 weeks, that is such a long time and even if you weren't pregnant I would be say go ahead and be emotional.  You can do it!

  3. Sisters4saymoreismoreJuly 05, 2011

    Thanks for the encouragement Diana! you are a sweetie:)

  4. brandon was gone for four months and we just got reunited! it its sad when theyre gone but it makes your relationship and your friendship that much stronger. it will be amazing. when he returns and it will be wonderful to have him there with you and your sweet babies!

  5. Chloe_rushworthJuly 05, 2011

    Oh hope your okay hun. You do find the most amazing bargains.

    C x

  6. I live in So Cal about 20 minutes from the Rainbow factory. We, Californians LIVE in Rainbows.

  7. brittneynsmartJuly 06, 2011

    you know, i feel the same way about cutoffs--don't see too many of them in the style blogosphere, but oh how i love mine. sometimes a comfort item, no matter how casual, overrides all. and a great pair of flips absolutely fits into this category.
    good luck in the next 4 weeks. so hard, but you'll get through it. stay busy.


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